The Best Tips to Avoid Losing Customers

One of the things that most sellers and retailers are concerned about is the churn rate. In fact, as it is necessary to win new clients at an accelerated pace, it is also essential not to lose current customers. Otherwise, all of the efforts will be in vain. To achieve this goal, you can follow these advice.

Track every Customer

The first rule to prevent sales loss is to track the activity of each customer before their departure. You should review their behavior in terms of the number of times they went to your store, opened your online page and the time they spent on it, the interactions, etc. In this way, you will discover if they left your brand abruptly or because during their visit in your shop or their navigation on your website, they could not find what they were looking for. Thus, you will be able to apply the necessary corrective actions. Not doing so is one of the most frequent sales loss reasons.

Segment the Customer Database

It is also important to segment the customer database and build a concrete strategy for each segment, especially if you have a sales website. A page of content intended for the largest number of customers may lead to no one being particularly attracted or concerned about it, even if it contains specific paragraphs for each segment. With an adapted customization, it is easier to capture the customer attention.

Get the Client’s Feedback

Knowing that it is fundamental to always interact with the customers in order to retain them, it is crucial to get their feedback. Doing surveys at the beginning or at the end of the transaction is a simple way to get their opinion without disturbing him. These surveys help you know why a user is interested in your products or services before finally deciding to buy them. In other words, it explains how the store execution was able to convert the visit into sale.

Review the Payment Methods

This tip is addressed to your online shop. If it is a subscription-based web page, such as the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, paying membership may be one of the reasons that can increase the churn rate. In this case, it is necessary to review the amount of the monthly or annual subscription as well as the methods of payment and the cancellation of the service.

Always Retain your Current Customers

CPG companies, retailers and all sellers must not forget what is called the loyalty marketing. They are focused on getting new customers and sometimes forget to take care of those who are already there. You must improve your shelving system and continuously strive to optimize the attention you pay to these your current clientele.

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