Incorporating a Branded Website Into Your Vacation Rental Marketing Strategy

Renting vacation property can be an easy way to establish a business from the comfort of your home. There are difficulties on the road, as with any business venture, but with some tips from our vacation rental marketing strategy, you should have no problems.

Whether you are new to the industry or you have a well-established business, anyone can benefit from improvement. One of the most important areas when it comes to vacation renting is marketing. You can have the perfect property, in the perfect location, with the perfect support team, and still, find yourself unable to generate sufficient turnover. With most businesses, this is due to inefficient marketing techniques.

Online marketing has fast become the main way for companies to reach customers. Most people have access to the internet, especially people who are planning vacations to distant locations. So, in order to reach as many customers as possible, your first step should be using the internet.

Vacation Rental Websites

Whenever you look at something on the internet, you are doing it via a website. Having your own website is useful for showcasing your properties, but not all of us know how to go about making one. Let’s look at a way that you can improve your online presence, without any of the hassles.

Instead of having to become a coding expert or spending $1000s on a custom website, you should consider a vacation rental website platform. These platforms, like Lodgify, make establishing a website quick, easy, and affordable.

Pricing varies based on the platform you use, but as with any worthwhile online service, there is a fee involved. Most companies also have single property and multi-property deals available.

What does the website include 

There are many features available on these website builders. Arguably two of the most important features are online reservations/booking management and online payment. Both of these features ensure that your property can be rented all year round via your computer.

Other than making bookings directly from the website, these websites also allow for integration with other online rental platforms, like Airbnb,, FlipKey, and HouseTrip. Instead of having to make sure that you have included all your reservations on your calendar, your website will do it for you. All your registered listing platforms will be synched, ensuring that your calendar is always up-to-date with the latest bookings.

The overall design of the website is also a fundamental feature because customers are first attracted by what they see. There are a variety of templates to choose from, with some costing more than others. These templates allow you to take your website to the next level, choosing one that works perfectly with your properties.


Building a website might not be the answer to your problems, but it helps ensure that your properties are easy to find, which usually translates to higher booking numbers. Using a Vacation Rental marketing company is easy and could be the change that your business needs to get it on the map.

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