What Is a Claim For PTSD?

Making a claim for PTSD is an option PTSD sufferers have, to better recover from their disorder and to seek closure. Often, post-traumatic stress will leave the victim unable to work, and in the worst cases, unable to function in their everyday lives. This can impact the victim financially, which in return can lead to the development of further mental disorders.

PTSD is a debilitating mental disorder that must be treated. Thankfully, PTSD is one of the most widely researched mental disorders on the planet, so the prognosis for most PTSD sufferers today is good. If you are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder because you experienced a traumatic event, then you may be eligible for financial compensation.

PTSD Claims

PTSD can have a profound impact on the victim’s life, and thus, financial compensation is there for the victim in both minor and severe cases of PTSD.

PTSD Types

  • Minor PTSD, or short-term PTSD, usually lasts for between 3 and 24 months. After which, it is expected that the victim will make a full recovery.
  • Moderate PTSD can last for as little as 3 months, but it can also be chronic (a lifetime disorder). It is expected that the victim will always experience some mental and physical symptoms of PTSD, although the worst symptoms will subside.
  • Moderately severe PTSD can last a lifetime. It is expected that the victim will always experience some mental and physical symptoms of PTSD, at a greater level than those people who are suffering from moderate PTSD.
  • Severe PTSD can affect one’s ability to live a normal life. Symptoms could be triggered by everyday events, such as a car horn sounding, or a bus braking. The symptoms will be harsh and profound, affecting the victim’s ability to live their life.

Claim For PTSD

How much compensation could I be entitled to?

According to the law firm Accident Advice Helpline, compensation amounts for PTSD range from £2,600 to £66,000 (https://www.accidentadvicehelpline.co.uk/pages/compensation-values-post-traumatic-stress-disorder/).

How is compensation for PTSD calculated?

In simple terms, the more severe your PTSD is, then the more financial compensation you can realistically claim. Three key things will be considered when calculating compensation:

  1. The extent of your PTSD;
  2. Your recovery period from your PTSD;
  3. Your prognosis for the future.

These will be determined by reviewing relevant medical records – and you must attend a medical examination as part of the claim’s process, so that a separate medical report can be generated. The examination will be set up by your solicitor and it may take place at a medical centre, or at a place that is comfortable for you. The examination should last around 30 minutes, and it should be non-intrusive to prevent patient irritation.

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