The importance of opening a savings account

Open a savings account is one of the basic steps in personal financial management. Any individual looking to create funds for the future should have a savings account at a financial institution that will allow you to accumulate money andalso help you build your financial presence. All of our customers and users at FNBNorcal know this, which is why this financial institution offers the best interest rates to customers who want to open a savings account.

We know that not all people have savings accounts in your name. In fact, studies carried out by the World Bank revealed that 21% of Americans do not have a savings account, because there is a group of people who do not understand that this is necessary, or have aperturado that account, but you have not been given the proper use, that is to say that do not feed these accounts or transactions with her without taking into account that it represents have this type of product is the personal financial management.savings account uses

It is for this reason that wishes to emphasize the importance of the savings account in the personal financial arrangements. We will also highlight the benefits of the same and how they can make a pillar in order to have a good administrative performance of our own money.

What is a savings account and how does a savings account?

Even if this subject appears to be so obvious, often we have to fence people who do not know exactly what is a savings account, much less know how it works. Thus it is that we will begin to briefly explain this point for you to know which are the functions that are within the financial system.

  1. Save money.
  2. Receive interest on the balance.
  3. Dispose of accumulated savings at any time.

In this sense, the savings accounts are a product that you offer to the banks in which you keep your money, which in this case is here in FNBNorcal, receive interests established by the bank and have your savings at any time by the withdrawals you wish to make, either online or at our branch office with your debit card or debit card and in the same way you can make withdrawals of funds with your debit card at any ATM within and outside the country.

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