Review on motif investing and its features

In fact, the motif investing is a kind of broker that allows people to develop the baskets of ETFs or stocks and also customize the weights of a basket that you have developed. Here, each basket is called a motif that has capable to hold up to 30 stocks at the same time. The specialty of motif investing has the possibility to build as well as manage your own ETF for an affordable price. The excellent idea behind this broker is investing the cost up to $300 to buy shares of 30 various stocks. However, each kind of motif is created based on the theme of a specific sort.

One of the greatest features of motif in social section is able to view the other user’s portfolios. When you search to find the most successful portfolios, you just view the motif investing review that allows you to see different varieties of motifs that the other users have developed and invested in a similar group of stocks. It is one of the excellent features for the beginners who haven’t felt much comfortable in selecting their own themes or stocks. If you wish, you can select to invest in the same motifs at any number of times.

How does it work?

The motif investing is completely different than any other type of brokerage companies, which believe everything to know more about something and also engage the investors to spend their money where their talent is engaged off. This kind of motif investing is mainly focused on the investment themes known as motifs. The main concept of this investing platform is allowing choosing the preferred investment niche up to 30 separate ETFs or stocks at lower prices. Even this motif investing is also best for those who ready to invest with a few dollars.

If your aim is investing in the sticks with a small amount of money, it is very important to do refer the motif investing review and know the commission of each motif. The motif investing is also offering different kinds of motifs related to the particular retirement timelines. In order to buy any particular motif, it consists of 30 varieties of stocks available and its total commission is about $9.95. Once you have invested in this, the investor can sell or buy separate stocks in the motif that costs around $4.95 for each stock trade. If you buy any additional shares for the whole motif, the cost would be the same.

Features of motif investing

Here are some most exciting features of motif investing that includes:

  • Low commission structure for about $9.95 for each motif
  • Each motif carries up to 30 different ETFs or stocks
  • You can create a royalty program for motifs
  • Theme styled investing
  • Customize the stocks for each motif
  • New time horizon motifs available
  • More than 150 professional packaged motifs
  • Build your own motif
  • $100 referral bonus
  • Great option to trade using smart phone apps
  • Discover your investing DNA survey
  • Give access to the motif investing community
  • Ability to chart and compare motif as well as stock performance.
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