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QSI is a global e-payments global provider. It provides an infrastructure that secures payments solutions. It enables financial institutions, enterprises, and customers to transact e-payments in a secure manner. Recently QSI payments have introduced Arizona Merchant services, this has been brought about by the expansion of various payment platforms on the increase as businesses research on how to come up with new efficient ways of maintaining a constant relationship with existing customers. Arizona Merchant services are used to describe various payments processing categories available in the market.

Often they are governed by middlemen who facilitate payment to merchants between the bank and customers. They handle the process of electronic payment transactions by obtaining information regarding the sales being made.

The state of Arizona

It’s known to have a couple of nation’s leading credit and debit card processing providers. Its mission is to provide honesty, integrity, and credibility to the merchants as well as their routine customers.

The Merchant has emerged to be the best offering services platform since it ensures businesses men and women achieve their goals. They establish the quickest methods to which merchants accept and process cards thus increasing revenue and reducing the risk of inconveniencing as well as maintaining their regular customers.

Arizona Merchant Services Options and mode of payments

The mode of payments include but not limited to:

  • Gift Cards: They are offered in form of prepaid payments cards containing some amount of money thus allowing anyone to use them regardless of their credit score.
  • Automated Clearing House form of Payments:  The mode of payment is also referred to as Electronic fund transfer. It’s among the services offered by merchants that involve electronic transactions network.
  • Check Guarantee:  It includes a system in which the business is guaranteed payment for checks received that are cleared through its merchant service provider.
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer: The cards are similar in use to debit and credit cards since they are intended to terminate any purchase automatically that exceeds the user’s available funds. Thou limited to those eligible for the EBT program and thus the government provides and tracks the benefits to authorized recipients and customers.


    1. You can accept рауmеntѕ аnуwhеrе in the world
    2. You саn manage and grow your business with a POS Sуѕtеm
    3. You will еnjоу fаѕt and eаѕу aссоunt sеtuр and dероѕіtѕ
    4. You will get full support
  1. You are guaranteed to get a wоrld-сlаѕѕ сuѕtоmеr-frіеndlу service

The QSI Payment Processing Services mode include:

  1. Point of Sale: Enables business to sell their products, arranges order and accepts payments and updates inventory.
  2. Payment Gateway: The services facilitate communication within banks.
  • Online Transaction Processing:  A system that enables online examination of organizations to track and monitor transactions being processed.
  1. Check Conversion: A service that processes paper checks as electronic funds transfer.
  2. Mobile Payments:  Enables online transaction regardless of time and location.


We value your transactions security, that is why we offer a wide range of services we can help your business process transactions from your customers.

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