How to send money quickly to India?

Sending money to India may be done through various techniques, including e-transfers and more conventional means of payment. A thorough investigation is necessary before deciding how to transfer funds. Managing your NRI funds overseas isn’t the only option. To send money to India, there are a lot of choices available for it.

ACH Transfer

Electronic financial transmission is ACH, which stands for Automated Clearing House. Interbank clearing of electronic payments and transactions between participating financial institutions is controlled by NACHA operating standards in the United States. With an ACH transfer, the destination bank in the United States gets the money sent from your account in only four business days, ready for pickup by the receiver the very next day. ACH transfers don’t involve additional fees, bank visits, or mailing checks. It’s a win-win situation since it saves you both time and money.

Online Transfer

Sending money through online transfer is the quickest and most convenient method. To transfer money to an Indian bank account, all you need is an internet connection and the services of a local bank. You’ll need the account holder’s or recipient’s name and address, the financial institution to which the funds are being transferred, and that financial institution’s IBAN or SWIFT code. In particular, if you transfer money regularly, this approach is suggested. As a result, you will not have to pay hefty fees to a bank and may complete the transaction at your convenience.

Wire Transfer

International remittances are often sent by wire transfer. To transfer money, the sender must travel to a financial institution like a bank or another agency or branch of an agency like Western Union or Xoom, or Remit2India. A wire transfer provider gathers information regarding the receiver and recipient’s bank or other financial institution. The sending institution begins the wire transfer and transmits the message to the receiving institution after obtaining the information from the sender. This procedure necessitates a few days. To send money to India from  the UK easily without any problem.

send money to India


Online money transfers may be made via Paypal, a service provided by PayPal. Even though the transaction is free for the sender, the receiver is required to pay. International transfers are subject to a charge of 3.9% plus the current currency rate.

International Money Order

International money orders are a secure, inexpensive, and speedy method of delivering money to distant areas of India. You may deposit the money orders into your bank account or cash them out at check-cashing establishments. Cashing checks, in most cases, will need the presentation of identification. It’s easy to buy, and you don’t need a bank account. If you’re sending a tiny sum, this is the way to go.

Bank Drafts and Cashier’s Checks

Any bank may issue bank drafts and cashier’s checks. These services come at a cost, and cashing checks in India may take some time. Bank drafts are more expensive than money orders to buy. If an inspection or current does not arrive at its destination, this money transfer may be traced. They’re less expensive, but they take longer.

Personal Checks

Another option is to send a cheque in the local currency. The bank must validate the deposit before the cheque may be cashed. A charge for the exchange rate and encashment may be added to the recipient’s bill. Because you may cancel a cheque if it doesn’t reach its destination, this approach is more secure than mailing cash.

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