Why you should Store with My Storage

Living in Hong Kong and thinking you have storage problems? That is impossible because you have My Storage which is your first choice of mini storage and solution to all your storage issues. It does not matter if it is as your home or workplace, we will be there for you. If you are to storage and understanding how it all happens you can visit https://www.mystorage.hk/en to know all about us. We are known for our exceptional trust, agility and quality services which come with all day humidity control, surveillance system and access alongside fire service and the necessary equipment.

We store all kinds of property ranging from household goods, out of season wardrobe, suitcases, bicycles, photo albums and any kind of property. All these are promised to be safe at your private lock-up 24 hours a day throughout the whole year. There are no restrictions when your property is with us since you are allowed to take advantage of all our services. This means, there is no minimum period required to fulfill before you can access your stuff. Anytime you need them they will be there at your disposal.

My Storage

It is normal to feel like our services may demand a lot of your money but you thought wrong. Our services are the most affordable in town. Some of our mini storage prices may go as low as HKD218/month.  So you don’t have to be super rich to create space for yourself and store some of that extra stuff with us. To learn more about how we charge for different kinds and sizes of good please visit our website https//www.mystorage.hk/en and you will be surprised.

Aside from the many storage facilities around Hong Kong, we have our new stores now in Kwun Tong and Kwai Hing which can easily be accessed with a floor space of upto 20000 square feet so you don’t have to worry about space. Depending on your property, you get a variety of storage units and rooms at the most affordable prices you can imagine. You can be sure that will get the best of our services at favorable prices because expensive and unnecessary marketing expenses are avoided. By paying less customers are allowed to rest.

My Storage also allows customers to air their views, complains and compliments through various social media pages like on Facebook and our website https://www.mystorage.hk/en. Here you can let communicate in advance if you are looking for some free space for storage and support services will be there for you. If you get a chance to experience our services, we will always be your first choice as our slogan, My Storage, your first choice.

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