Why Work With the Best Distributed Acoustic Sensing Company

Gas and oil companies are massively investing in fiber optic permanent installation since they understand the miracles these systems are performing to see businesses progress smoothly and efficiently. The increased demand for distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems has resulted in more service providers. Not all of these companies have mastered the art of professional installation of fiber optic solutions, proficient execution of projects, perfect project design and service delivery. If you run an oil and gas company and wants to maximize success and profits, getting the best fiber optics is crucial.

Proficient Design and Installation

Established fiber optics companies like https://fibrecompletions.com/distributed-acoustic-sensing-das/ have mastered the art of creating durable fibers and installing them properly to guarantee longevity. Such companies have trained personnel who have years of expertise and experience as design service providers and fiber optic installers.  So, they will get the job done in a smart, innovative and proficient way ensuring successful operation and project completion.

Proper Fiber Mapping

Fiber optics and distributed acoustic sensing systems need to be placed accurately on the wells to ensure safe and proficient project completion. There are special logging tools that ought to be used to help in determining how the fiber orientation should be. When you work with the right companies, the work will be done accurately and proficiently. They will do the fiber mapping job for you ensuring they give you accurate details on how the perforations will be oriented for a cleaner job.

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Failure Prevention

Poorly designed and installed fiber optics will get damaged in no time. Experts in this area will know how to install fiber optics in your oil and gas well such that they won’t get damaged.  They are trained and acquainted with all the installation procedures and requirements. They will make sure that they structure the tonnage, frac design, cement bond, downhole velocities and rates in a way that will longevity and lower cases of failure.

Quality Onsite Support

Installing and operating distributed acoustic sensing systems in oil and gas wells needs professional support from the equipment manufacturer.  You need quality support from the manufacturers of the distributed acoustic sensors to ensure the fiber optics are properly run-in, the potential frac erosional risk determined and the perforating orientation verified. Companies with years of experience and an established reputation will give you all the support you need throughout the installation and stimulation processes.


When thinking of investing in distributed acoustic sensors for your oil and gas drilling business, you must partner with trusted and established companies. You need a company that has in stock the kind of optic fibers you are the search of and has experienced personnel to get the systems installed and stimulated professionally. Make sure the company you partner with offers quality on-site support for both small and big projects.

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