Why Video is Still the Best Form of Advertising

If you are looking to showcase your company and products, there are indeed many ways to do this. You could organise a live event and invite potential customers, which is a very effective way of getting your message across, yet the best way to deliver your message is to create a short film, which can be used on a variety of platforms. With professional assistance from a film production company, the film will be of a very high standard and when you consider the different platforms on which you can host the film, it is a very cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Introduce your Company

There are indeed many ways that such a promotional video can be used, which include the following:

  • Show at live events
  • Post on the company website
  • Advertise on TV
  • Social media platforms
  • Create a DVD which can be sent to potential customers

The best way to create a professional promotional video is to enlist the help of a film production house, such as BlackCel.com, who are based in Dubai. They can easily be found with an online search, and after an introductory meeting, their in-house creative design team can put together a storyboard.

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Trade Shows and Exhibitions

The promotional video can be looped on a DVD player, and with a flat screen TV at the front of your stand, this will attract passers-by. This will give potential customers some essential background information on who you are and what you are about, and you can issue a DVD to all of your sales people, who can each use it accordingly.

Company Website

Posting the film on the company website is a great way to familiarise visitors with your organisation, and you can also post the film on your social media pages, which will give you comprehensive coverage. A professionally made film is a very powerful way to introduce your business, and by creating a DVD, you can insert this into your sales packages, which the potential customer can view at their leisure.

Reach the Right People

Using various digital platforms, you can deliver a very strong message to all your target groups, and as the film is professionally made, it will reflect the quality of your business. You are likely to get a great ROI, as the production can be used many times and in many different ways. If you find the film to be a success, you could follow it up with another film that showcases your products, which would work well in tandem with the original video that introduces your company.

When you are bidding for contracts, include a copy of the film on DVD when you submit your bid, which is likely to give you a much-needed edge over your competitors. More and more businesses are turning to video to promote their business, and with some professional help, the rewards are likely to be significant.

Talk to a film production house today and set things in motion, you will be very glad that you did!


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