Why It’s Now Possible To Pay VPS Services With Bitcoin

Finding Bitcoin VPS services isn’t common since Bitcoin is still not that widely accepted, but there are already VPS providers that are accepting them. As you know Bitcoin has been considered as the currency of the future and so far it’s still nowhere near what it was intended to, but it’s getting there, slowly but surely. Its even safe to say that after a decade, this will be a widely accepted currency.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are what you consider as an intranet, its the system that most companies get in order to have more security when going to the internet. It’s a whole new ecosystem that can easily be customized by a company through a web service provider. There are three main reasons why many people are into it and mostly it’s because of security, restrictions, and peace of mind.

It’s mainly about security: VPS wasn’t created just because its a cool service, but it was created out of necessity since logging in to the internet nowadays is very risky especially if you are a company that holds financial details and sensitive customer information. As you have known by now cyber attacks are common these days and there will always be systems that will be hacked and mostly these systems are the ones with lesser security.

It’s about restrictions: VPS is very customizable and not just for the memory, the systems that can be used and upgrades but also the restrictions. Say you don’t want people using your connection for personal use and leisure like social media and video streaming sites, with VPS you can easily filter these websites so that they can be blocked and will no longer be accessed by various people from your network.

Its peace of mind: Holding financial details and sensitive customer information is already a risk on its own and to think that anytime a cyber attack can always happen, it will be hard to think of the worst things because of you holding the information that hackers need. It does make you awake at night, but in hiring VPS service providers that are well equipped and got your system in a secure environment, you can sleep at night knowing that nothing bad will happen and business and usual on the next days and days moving forward.

Finding a VPS service provider that accepts bitcoin is hard still, even if Bitcoin has been getting traction in becoming what it was visioned about, its still very far, but it’s getting there slowly. Proof of that is its increasing popularity even to the general public, forex trading and not to mention there are already various service providers that accepts them. One of those is a VPS service provider. But before you even hire one just because they are accepting Bitcoin, you better think again because that is just one of the things that you need to worry about. You still need to consider the other things like your needs and making sure that your managed data is safe.

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