What Is A Chartered Surveyor?

Chartered Surveyor, as the name implies is the official designation of members and Fellows of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveys, known as the Chartered Institution of Surveyors in Commonwealth countries and the Republic of Ireland. Chartered as a profession, it is not an independent body that offers its own professional qualification or status to itself, but rather a set of qualifications held by members of The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Chartered Surveyor originates from The Royal Charter given to the first professional body of professional surveyors in England.

In order to become a Chartered surveyor, individuals need to meet certain criteria and adhere to certain standards. The three main criteria, which are compulsory for all applicants for Chartered membership of the ICSR are: examination; experience; and a professional recommendation. As Chartered surveyors, they can be either independent professional bodies or affiliated to an organization, such as The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveys (RICS). The requirements vary by country and the organisation, but the majority of surveyors are independent. Find out more about a House Survey by a surveyor at a site like Sam Conveyancing, a provider of House Survey quotes.

Chartered surveyors must be registered with an organization which is recognized by the ICSR and The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveys. A Chartered surveyor is required to have a qualification in surveying, have worked in a professional capacity for more than three years, have a minimum of five years’ experience, and be a permanent resident in Great Britain or the Republic of Ireland. The certificate of registration must be renewed annually, and members of the profession must obtain a practical examination each year. The Chartered Surveyor works in all fields of property as well as undertaking its value and surveying structurally the survey of buildings. They provide expert consultation when it comes to environment or property related issues and their cost depends upon the job that they undertake. However it could be anything between 100 pounds to 250 pounds. If you hire one they will visit your property asses it and then identify problems accordingly so as to give you the right solution. They put down their assessment on a report for you to better understand what needs to be improved or what is the actual assessment required. They also tell you how much you will need to spend on the repairs and other things so you can asses it according to the value and decide what is best for you.

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