What Are The Different Devices That You Can Buy From A VOIP Company?

When you have a brand new phone system installed by a VOIP company, there is a wide range of different devices that you can choose from.

What you need to consider is the cost of these devices versus the quality that is being provided. You should also have a think about the practicalities of the office space that you are in: mobile phone might not be very suitable, because there may not be a lot of room for your employees to move around when they are talking to customers and clients.

What are the different devices that are available from VOIP companies to you and why are each of these devices particularly useful?


When you are trying to save space in the office, you might consider an alternative to traditional landline phones or even mobile phones. You can hire a VOIP service that will be able to give you a wide range of different softphone options. When you want to save some space, you will be able to use softphones.

These softphones are pieces of software that allow you to make calls over the internet. All the employee has to do is sign into the software with a username and password. Then they will be able to start a conversation. These platforms allow calls to be recorded so that the information is readily extractable at a later date.

Softphone technology is so simple to use that even the most computer illiterate employee will be able to make and receive calls without a single problem.

You should look at several different providers before you choose which kind of softphone service is the right one for your employees and the business.

SIP Phones

When you are running an office with older employees, you might consider buying some traditional landline phone. When the telephones use the VOIP technology, they are known as SIP phones. This allows calls to be made from the landline over the internet and bypassing the landline companies.

These phones can be used by people when they are sitting comfortably at their desks and they can also be used by several people when they are sat around the phone in a conference room. You can have these types of phones set up on the desk of every employee.

Then they will be able to make and receive business calls without having to wait for someone else to finish their call and stop using the phone. This increases the overall efficiency of the business.


Headsets will allow your employees to maintain client confidentiality when they are on a private call. This ensures that none of their colleagues can listen to the conversation. These headsets will give crisp sound and the mouthpiece on the headset allows the speaker to be heard perfectly.


Conferencing is possible because several people can be added to the same call using the softphone technology.

There are several different devices you can buy from a VOIP company.

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