Utilising Technology as an Extra Health Benefit for Employees

Most doctors are only available during regular business hours, which is usually when most people are working. Time off work can be difficult to get for a routine doctor’s appointment unless it is done weeks in advance. However, if you are sick or need to see your GP immediately, you may be able to do so without missing any work.

Make Video Appointments

Instead of scheduling an appointment to see your GP at his or her office, you may be able to see him or her through an Internet-connected device. Many doctors are taking advantage of technology to be available to their patients whenever they need to see them without needing to take time off work. By connecting to your GP or another doctor via the Internet, he or she can give you medical device through video conferencing.

Employee Benefit

Many companies are utilising this technology to provide additional health care benefits for employees. Instead of needing to give them time off, they can allow them an extra break on the day that they contact a doctor through a video conference. This allows the employee to speak with his or her GP or a video doctor to get advice about treatment, change medications, or find out lab results without needing to make an in-person appointment.

This not only saves the employee time but his or her employer’s productivity doesn’t decline because his or her work is not being done. It also decreases absenteeism, which helps the business save money. The subscription to the service is unlimited so it can be available to any employee who needs advice about a minor illness or how he or she is feeling without needing to wait for an appointment with his or her GP.

Available on Any Device

Employees can speak with their GPs or participating doctors however they like because the service is available for most devices. So, your company can offer a workstation with a desktop computer or employees can use their own devices to connect to a doctor. The appointments can be scheduled or they can be on-demand, depending on your situation.

If there is a long wait, users can arrange to have a doctor text them when they are available so the user can get to a device and consult with the doctor. This prevents users from waiting online for several minutes or more for their video conferences to start. They can continue to work and then be alerted when the doctor is available to accept their calls.

Each user will have a portable medical record, complete with the medical information that he or she wishes to share, a record of his or her past appointments, and any lab work that he or she had done. This provides a doctor with some background before he or she speaks with you or another user. All medical information is kept confidential so you shouldn’t be concerned that it is being shared with anyone you don’t want knowing your medical history.

Along with employers, this service is also available for individuals and their families. Now, there is no need to wait to see a doctor as you can contact one at any time.


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