Uses Of Concrete Bollards

Today bollards have become an important part of our pathways. Now most streets have concrete pillars. It serves multiple purposes and at the same time it adds more beauty to the landscape. Among all other material concrete is the best choice for bollards. The reason behind such preference is its strength. Concrete Bollards are highly strong and last for years without any requirement of maintenance. There are so many uses of such bollards that maybe you are unaware about. Let’s make you a bit aware here:-

Protects the pedestrians- Bollards serve the best in busy streets where foot traffic is usually high. It creates a barrier between the pedestrians and the cars, So that they can walk safely. It prevents direct interaction between the cars and pedestrians. So in busy roads there should be at least 3 or 4 bollards made of quality concrete.

Provides safety to bicycles- Bicycles are the most used vehicle in every street. Also crashes between the bike and bicycles are the most common risk factor of every street. This is a serious issue that could be solved by installing concrete Bollards. Such bollards can be used as bicycle parking racks so that cycles could be saved from bike traffic and crashes.

Separates the pathways- You may see a lot of bollards near a school or college campus. Do you know the reason behind this? The reason is that such bollards stop any car or vehicle coming inside the campus. And separates the walking pathway where students can sit, walk, and play safely.

Provides securities to the drivers- Drivers are at high risk of car accidents, especially those who drive a bus or trucks. A bollard can provide safety to them while they are driving. In high traffic areas bollards stop the cars from being crashed. At the same time bollards can be used as a sign to indicate danger in high-risk areas such as drop-offs or blind mounts.

Helps to understand the direction- Bollards can be used as landmarks. Suppose your friend is coming to your home for the first time and you are giving your friend directions. Exactly here a bollard helps. You can just give directions by specifying the bollard nearby your house.

Beautifies the landscape- There was a time when all bollards had the same colour. But that thing has changed. Nowadays bollards are available in different vibrant colours to beautify the streets. Architects also consider bollards as street beautifying tools.

Thus to conclude, bollards have multiple uses. And every usage is significant enough

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