Tips To Make Your New Home Look Bigger

With the increase in population and real estate prices, it has become tough to buy big properties. This is true, especially for areas that are in high demand, like Chiswick. So, if you have a budget constraint but wish to live in a big and bright space in Chiswick, you can do that with the help of a few tips and tricks.

Chiswick is a great location with some amazing properties, and according to experienced Chiswick estate agents, the demand for good houses is high here. If you have managed to buy one, you can customize it to be bright and spacious with some effective design tips. Keep reading to know in detail.

Some Effective Tips


Decluttering is the first thing that you would need to do. It will increase your space and make the whole area look clean. The best part of decluttering is that you would need a few resources to do this. However, proper planning is essential to carry out the whole process smoothly.

Floors And Walls

Remember that floors are not your storage spaces, and hence it is no place to create piles of things that would increase over time. The piles can engulf your living space and make your house look smaller. This also applies to the walls; if all your furniture is placed against the wall, it highlights how small the space is. Thus, planning is very important.

Smart Storage

Creativity is something that you would need when you are living in a smaller space. From folding your blankets to having a folding bed, all of these can save some space and make your house feel bigger. Also, ensure that you have dedicated storage space for each item in your home. You can get some great properties with multi-functional units by contacting Chiswick estate agents.

No Dead Space

decorating your home beautifully and efficiently is something that you should focus on. Keeping smaller furniture scattered here and there will take up more space and it will look very cluttered. Instead, you can buy bigger statement pieces. Go for efficient things like an accent wall piece that will visually make the room elongated.


This is a very powerful tool that can change the overall looks of your home. Light up the darker corners and have multiple lighting fixtures that would make your space look much bigger.

These are some of the most effective tips that you can follow to make your home look bigger and brighter. It is essential to know the right use of spaces. And if you know that, you will be able to live comfortably even in small areas. Buying your first property is a big achievement, and with these few changes, you can customise it at your convenience.

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