The pros and cons of working with your team in a shared office space

For the past few years, there has been an increased number of companies out there that are starting to utilize the shared working spaces and facilities in key locations for their employees and staff members.

ThisĀ  freelancers before is now quickly becoming an ideal option for a lot of businesses in different industries and more and more people around the world have already tried and liked this concept according to experts that made a survey last year but it was already considered inevitable because of the fact that people are more accepting of the innovation brought by technology making us more aware that to speed up work output and adapt these changes to our business to keep up with our competition.

In this article, let us discuss the pros and cons of shared space office to help you weigh-in and create the better decision to whether or not let you and your team work in this diverse and unique place where you can have the chance to grow and meet new people like the serviced office hong kong.

Office central Hong Kong


  • Very flexible- In a share office space, there are three key different areas that make it very flexible for everyone. The first one is the flexible plan options because, in shared office space, there are no annual leasing requirements, meaning, you can rent out the place on a monthly basis. The second one is the flexible cost option where there are no upfront fees, no required deposit and you also have a wide choice of plans keeping the cost very low. Lastly, is the flexible space option where your team can choose to utilize which room or facility you want to use for a particular working day.
  • Diverse and lively community- Startups can be exhausting and boring sometimes but when you are working in a shared office space or a virtual office central, you often see a lot of people getting busy, getting productive of their task which will surely infect your current mood to complete more tasks and get everyone in your team rolling.


  • Full of distractions- All of us have something to finish, or accomplish like task, paper works, or slideshows for our meetings or study something to further expand our knowledge and all of the things I have mentioned are crucial but working in a shared office space could distract you from your focus and concentration and you might end up your task getting ruined because you are sharing the entire facility with different groups with different agendas and the environment could get a lot of noise and movement.
  • Close proximity to competition- A lot of startups might have something in common, goals and the same type of business they are managing and sharing the same office space might become toxic rather than instill collaboration to each other. Making it worse is that your ideas and concepts for your startup might get stolen or copied from your competitors.
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