The best rifle scope brands of all time

Hunting, target shooting, long range shooting! All terms related to the shooting world play a major role in deciding the type of rifle one needs to purchase and the scope that he may need for the purpose intended. It is important to have a good idea, research well and take advice from experts on the type of scope that will be better suitable for the need. Some of the popular scopes with bullet drop compensating (BDC) reticles available today are the Nikon BDC, Swarovski BR, Leupold Boone and Crokett, Leupold VX-3i Nightforce ATACR GPO Passion 8x, SIG Sauer Whiskey5 etc. Find the BEST AR 15 SCOPE here.

Types of scopes

Though there are different varieties in the models and the purpose they are used for, each scope can be mounted onto many differentfirearms. And they are broadly classified into two categories –

  • Fixed scopes – These are the type where magnification of the target is not possible. So when a shooter wants to opt for a fixed scope, he needs to know the specs perfectly and can use this scope only according to that particular setting. This can be compared to the fixed lenses of a DSLR.
  • Variable scopes – The most preferred type due to its convenience of magnification and to get a clear shot. The shooter can choose from a wide range of magnification variables. This is seen more in sniper rifles as the target can be at any distance and angle.

To discuss on the BEST AR 15 SCOPE brands available we will need to know the purpose they will be used for to weigh which brands offer the apt model.

Purpose of the scope

When a hunter is looking at buying a scope, the factors to consider are if the scope has a large objective lens that will boost lighting so that hunting in low light conditions is possible. Clarity is one aspect any scope should give. The magnification level is what decides how clear the target is, so a 12X magnification is required for hunting. A waterproof and fog proof design will be helpful as moisture or drizzle should not be the reason for abruptly halting the hunt. Some scopes such as the BSA Deer hunter 2.5×20 rifle scope DH25X20 offer the extra feature of the eye piece which allows the user to keep their reticle sharp and steady. The eye relief is long and protects the user from the recoil after firing. The weight also plays a major role as sometimes it may take hours to zero in on a prey and the hunter has to carry the rifle all through.

The brands that are famous with hunters are Leupold VX-13-9×40, Nikon Prostaff 3, Vortex Viper PST 4-16×50, Simmons 8 Point Truplexreticle and the BSA Deer Hunter 2.5×20 scope DH25x20.

When the scope is being bought for target shooting, most shooters prefer having an eyepiece with a long eye relief too. They are happy with angled bodied spotting scopes as this allows the eye piece to be rotated to different positions.


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