Securing a Vehicle’s Functionality With Reliable Extended Warranty

Having trouble finding the most affordable car insurance for your vehicle? Believe it or not, you’re one among a million other car owners who are doing exactly what you are – shopping for cost-efficient motor insurance. You might think it should be an easy-breezy affair, but it’s easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than finding the most reliable insurance resources.

If you’re still working your way to a dependable motor insurance company, the Swann Extended Warranty offer might hold your interest. It’s the lowest in the market today and the best your money can buy.

Leaders in Extended Motor Insurance

With more than 30 years of experience to their credit, Swann is one of Australia’s most promising providers in motor vehicle extended warranties. A qualified staff of professionals understands the need of the hour and is always available to address your claims.

Extended motor warranties are designed to protect car owners from the mounting costs of repairs once the original vehicle warranty has expired. They are also popularly called a service agreement, service contract, or extended service agreement.

Types of extended warranty

There are two types of extended warranties 1) offered by vehicle manufactures 2) offered by an independent insurance company.

  • Most often, these can be extended for an additional period that gives customers the chance to take their vehicles to the same dealer for service and repairs after the warranty expires.
  • Independent companies give you the liberty to have your vehicle serviced at any location of your choice along with the dealership. Since it’s a third-party arrangement, you might have to pay for the service directly. You can save the receipts for submission to the warranty company to get your reimbursement.

When do you need an extended warranty?

  • If you have a passenger car
  • Vehicle insurance expired
  • Vehicle has traveled less than 200,000 km
  • Car is less than 10 years old
  • The car is not used in racing or commercial use

Reaping benefits of an extended warranty

Going for the Swann Extended Warranty offer is a great way to safeguard your vehicle against sudden or unexpected car repairs. It helps you streamline and cover vehicle repair costs without falling in a financial crunch. Since Swann’s policy is transferrable, you can sell your vehicle to the new owner for a small fee, provided it falls within the extended warranty period.

Additional benefits, like car hire, accommodation, towing, etc., are just a few of the many things that Swann Insurance has to offer. You even get 24-hour roadside assistance just like the ones that come with motor organizations. Unlike most other companies, Swann allows you the liberty to have your vehicle serviced at any authorized service facility, which is a huge deal.

Joining Hands With the Best in the Industry

If you need value for money and don’t want to compromise on quality for an extended warranty, seal the deal with the Swann Extended Warranty offer. The chances of you getting disappointed are zero; once you experience the reach of their service and exemplary customer care, you won’t settle for anyone else.


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