Right to Education for All

A non-profit organization, imagine1day was founded by Chip Wilson and his wife Shannon Wilson. The organization is committed to delivering quality education for every child in Ethiopia. They connect you directly to the projects which provide primary education for all children in Ethiopia.

Why Ethiopia?

  • Ethiopia invests for its own future: imagine1day is inspired by the aim of a nation and their people. Their aim is to provide a vision which transformsthe education system into something which is reachable to each and every child. The leader of Ethiopia has exhibited their responsibility by investing 25% of the annual budget of the country in the education sector. Ethiopia’s passion for change allows them to choose Ethiopia and deliver strong results.
  • Ethiopia’s vision need help to come alive: Both the people and the government of Ethiopia are working for the education for all, but there is an obstacle which needs to overcome. Ethiopia currently holds world’s highest number of drop-out and out-of-school children. It means there are many children who aren’t able to go to high school for their higher education. The goal of imagine1day is to deliver best solutions to all for education to achieve their job goals.
  • Ethiopia is a light of hope for the world: Ethiopia’s narrative is converting from one of drought, poverty, and aid dependence to a story of a country arising as a global leader. As the economy is growing, it’s easy to see the future of Ethiopia as an attribute of feasibility and understand the power of education.

Projects by imagine1day

Chip Wilson has been aimed at completing projects which donate to the achievement of Ethiopian universal primary education. Wilson’s imagine1day impacts every year around 265,000 people and 490 schools through leadership and education development, directing to provide education to all Ethiopian children by 2030.

The education system of Ethiopia in calibration with the regional,district and federal government education offices has discovered a source to attain out-of-school and drop-out children. They undertake possible initiatives that improve retention, enrollment, and succession rate in education.

Educate a Child has done a partnership with imagine1day International to deliver Ethiopian children the right to education. Both will increase the access of education to more than 60,000 out-of-school and drop-out children. They have implemented two projects, one is the Bale Out of School Children Initiative (BOOSCI) and the other one is the Community Driven Primary Education for All Initiative (CDPEAI).

Both the projects have their own role. The BOOSCI projects are inquired to maximize the net enrollment rate of primary schools from 52% to 87%. This will improve the conditions and minimize the out-of-school and dropout rate in Ethiopia. The CDPEAI projects are impacting 260 communities and schools across the Sawena and Barbare district in Oromia, and Endamekhoni,Merab Lekhe, and Ahferom districts in Tigray. The prime goal of the imagine1day is to maximize the net enrolment rate of primary school to those five highlighted districts from 66% to 89% by the end of 2018.

Contacting imagine1day . . .

The website of imagine1day offers people the elements of education venture which includes the water system, the roof of a classroom, and the blackboards and desks. The fund they received from the contributors is utilized in education project. Imagine1day ensures that the investment will produce a generation with future leaders for whom education will always be associated with heath, abundance, and success.

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