Pride of Hardman- Projects Undertaken

Hardman designed its unique couplers in 2007. These couplers save time, energy, and money and yield a strong building. Since 2008 it has been undertaking great projects-four of the projects have been completed and two are under construction.

Lviv International Airport

The renovations and reconstruction of the Lviv airport was done by using Hardman reinforcement couplers. The aspects that were renovated were- control center and support facilities, addition of a new passenger terminal; extension and reconstruction of a full-strength pavement; and renovation of the main air terminal building. It took less than six months to complete the project, and the project was completed in 2010. The Hardman couplers that were utilized were- more than 4000 pieces of MZO 25, more than 7000 pieces of MZO 28, and more than 9000 pieces of MZO 32.

Avilon Plaza Business Center

The Avilon Plaza Project was built in 2008. It had 18 stories with an underground parking level. It was a complex design since it has a cylindrical shaped multi-storied structure in the middle. The number of Hardman couplers used was- more than 3000 pieces of MZO 28 and MZO 32 each.

Beloyarsk Nuclear Power Plant

This project began in 2011 and was completed in 2014. It was estimated that the construction was completed two years before it would have taken, because of using reinforcement couplers. More than 350,000 pieces of reinforcement couplers were used in constructing the fourth power generating unit of the plant.

Nikolski Shopping Center

The developers of Nikolski Shopping Center consulted with Hardman before beginning the construction. This allowed the planners to simplify the design of the project and also shorten the time taken for construction. The Harman couplers used in this project are- more than 1200 MZO 25 and more than 1000 MZO 32.

Sendje Hydroelectric Power Station

Right now under construction, Sendje will be Equatorial Guinea’s second hydroelectric plant. Hardman couplers are speeding the construction along with adding strength to the project. This is a high profile project in which more than 15,000 pieces of Hardman couplers are being used.

Toronto Business Center

This project was ready in the year 2013. This project was built to protect the residents and visitors from the outside urban noise. It has four blocks and one pedestrian passage. More than 500 pieces of MZO 25, more than 2000 pieces of MZO 28, and more than 1000 pieces of MZO 32 have been utilized.

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