POS Systems are the best that you can get

Are you a retail merchant setting up a new store? Or perhaps you are upgrading the cash counter at the diner and plan to invest in a POS system. Investing in a POS is not cheap. It is an expensive process, esp. if you have to buy all hardware and software upfront.

Our POS systems are free of cost. We install the hardware and software free of cost. You don’t have to pay for the equipment. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee as per your pricing plan to our system. Additionally, you will have to use our merchant services to process credit card payments. Compared to buying a POS upfront from other sites, Harbortouch website comes with maintenance and freebies at a very small rate on a monthly basis.

Types of POS

The Hartboro website outlines the different types of POS that we offer absolutely free of cost.  Let’s take a quick look at the different types of POS available with us along with their pricing plans.

Payment Systems

Under payment systems, we have cash registers and card readers. This is a simple basic system which allows you to scan barcodes and accept payments. It also includes a card reader and receipt printer. All hardware and equipment is free of cost. There is lifetime hardware and warranty. With 24X7 support.

Echo POS Systems

This is small business POS which comes with a terminal and loaded software. All equipment is free of cost. You can display inventory on the screen. The subscription plan is only 39USD per month. There is lifetime hardware and warranty with 24X7 supports.

Elite POS Systems

These are ideal for bars, restaurants and retail stores. This is a feature rich system which is good for any hospitality and dining system, no matter the size. It includes reservations; live meu updates; table tracking and other important functionalities necessary for a restaurant business. At 69 USD a month, it comes with lifetime free hardware and warranty with support.

Salon and Spa

Soon to be in market, this POS system is intended to work for spas, beauty salons, barbershops, gyms and tattoo parlours. The range includes customer management, customer marketing and inventory system. This will be available at the same cost as that of Elite POS systems.

Harbortouch FreeQSR POS Systems

Custom designed for delivery based restaurants which require a fast and accurate system for their POS. It comes pre-configured with a dedicated software and menu layout. It has certain features like driver management; delivery tracking; check splitting and caller ID among others.

Harbortouch Retail POS Systems

A robust system designed especially for your day to day business operations. It has features such as inventory tracking; POS creation; customer and employee management systems; report generation and more.

You will find all details about our POS system on our updated Harbortouch website website. You can compare pricing plans and check out the features of various POS systems. This will enable you to decide which system is best for you. You can also visit out blog and read up news about our system. For any detail, the contact us page will guide you on how to get in touch with us to satisfy your queries.

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