Marketing and Sales Strategy: Crucial Part of Business

Customers are now the most valuable thing a company possesses. At the same time, they are more aware than ever before that they can choose freely between varieties of comparable products. Maintaining the customer base thus becomes a survival strategy for almost every company – whether it is a global player in the large segment or a locally active medium-sized company. In the Internet age where all product information is available at the push of a button, CRM strategies, marketing initiatives, and sales channels are at the top of the CEO’s agenda.

The marketing world is changing rapidly. The technology is entering the CMT industry. New systems help marketers in market analyses, effective segmentation and in the calculation of the economic value of their work. In the unstable marketing ‘ecosystem’, the roles of marketers, media companies, and advertising agencies are increasingly intertwined; i.e. it is crucial to know how to act in this new, interdependent environment. Leading marketers are focused on building and building key skills and more powerful organizational models to stay competitive in the fast-moving marketplace. You can look here.

The organization, planning, and sales are becoming increasingly complex. The sales teams become the proverbial “face” of the company, its main source of income and thus one of the most important assets. In the future, the role of sales will be even more important: it must be avoided that the growing competition will lead to the loss of products and the interchangeable standard. In order to remain adaptable and successful, companies must therefore continuously analyze consumer behavior. This is the only way to drive sales force to the customers, thereby increasing both productivity and a competitive advantage.

The Marketing and Media Ecosystem

Marketing is becoming increasingly complex and increasingly digital. Marketers, agencies, and media companies are therefore increasingly closely linked in the new marketing ‘ecosystem’. Agendas have to be considered and new skills have to be acquired.

Service areas

Strategy & has extensive experience in advising large, international companies, governments and organizations independently. The topics range from a marketing and sales strategy to the development of the relevant skills up to process innovations in special areas:

– Offer and price optimization

– Product and service portfolio management

– Marketing and customer management

– Restructuring of Sales

A good sales strategy gives the people, directly and indirectly, involved in the sales process concrete answers to the following question:

What product or service do we sell target customers with which arguments positioning as distribution channel at which price? You can look here.

If one of the sub-questions concealed behind this question remains unanswered, the strategy is ineffective. For a good sales strategy, it also applies to the question not only for the coming months but for several years. This enables the company to develop the competencies and structures required for this, and the employees receive the necessary orientation. This does not exclude the possibility of shifting the emphasis in the meantime, for example, due to market changes. However, the fundamental direction of the market should be fixed – at least as long as non-serious events such as the financial crisis completely alter the market structures, so that the entire sales strategy has to be considered.

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