Key Factors To Look Out For When Comparing Credit Cards Malaysia

Under the OCBC easy payment plan, OCBC online bank offers tons of customer-tailored and reasonably priced credit cards. All the credit cards offered by OCBC online bank have different age and income requirements, annual fee requirements, and offers varied benefits.  Not each of these cards will be ideal for you although all of them are good and reliable. This bank offers you credit cards like OCBC 365 MasterCard, OCBC World MasterCard, OCBC Titanium MasterCard, OCBC Cashflo MasterCard, andOCBC Great Eastern Platinum MasterCard. It is strongly recommended you consider certain things when you want to effectively compare credit card Malaysia to wisely choose the best credit card for you.

Check The Interest Rates

Every credit card will have distinct annual interest rates. This is simply the money you will be paying as interest for every 12 months. Most of the OCBC easy payment plan cards don’t have an interest. The few cards that have interest rates offer them on a fixed prime rate. Compare the five cards to determine which among them will be ideal for your sort of purchases and needs.

compare credit card Malaysia

Expiry Dates and Special Offers

All the OCBC easy payment plan cards come with their own special offers and expiry dates. Consider checking the special offers you will get when you apply for certain credit cards.  Don’t forget to check the expiry dates of those offers. This way, you will know when to make the most of such offers before they expire.

Check The Cards Penalties And Minimums

Every card offered by OCBC online banking will have a minimum monthly payment that should be paid by every user. This is often in terms of a flat fee or a percentage. In most instances, there is a penalty fee you must pay when you default to making your credit card monthly payment. It is best you compare credit card Malaysia to ensure you get the best card that has the lowest or no non-repayment fee. This way, you will avoid the huge potential financial penalties you will have to pay when you default to making your monthly payments.

Age and Income Requirements

For every credit card offered by the OCBC online banking platform, there will be age requirements.  Many of the credit cards will require you be at least 21 years of age and have a monthly income.  Credit cards like OCBC 365 MasterCard, OCBC Titanium MasterCard, OCBC Great Eastern Platinum MasterCard, and OCBC Cashflo MasterCard requires you have a minimum annual income of 24,000 Malaysian Ringgits. As for the OCBC World MasterCard credit card, it requires you have a minimum yearly income of 100,000 Malaysian Ringgits. It’s advisable you be cautious when deciding which among these cards to apply for if you don’t want disappointments.

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