Increase your Business Productivity by Using desktop Ticker

If you are running the business, then you need to use the desktop ticker in your business for sending the important information to the employees. By doing this, it will allow you to take advantage of knowing that your employees are getting the correct information within the right time and do the work in a proper way. Whenever you send something to your employees, then a small window will appear on their desktop, and they will know that you have sent them something urgent, so they will easily open that window. The pop-up will appear in the bottom of the desktop screens for the notification. If you ever watch the news channels on the TV, then you have watched the different types of news at the bottom of this screen. This is how desktop ticker work exactly like this. For more detail, click this over here now and collect valuable information.

Reasons why desktop ticker is good to use for business?

  • Don’t interrupt the current work: If your employees are working on the desktop and also open the many windows in their desktop, then they will receive the notification on the screen with the help of desktop ticker. If they are working on the important work, then their work will not get , and they will also receive the notification you send to them. The employees will receive the notification in the desktop.
  • Real-time feedback: With the help of desktop ticker, you will get the real-time notification which you send to your employees. They will read the notification, then it will mark as the blue tick in your desktop, and you will know that how many of the employees read the notification you send to them.
  • Good for employees: The using of desktop ticker will not annoy your employees by the freaking sound. In the desktop ticker, you can run off the notification sound and only see the notification at the bottom of the computer. Turning off the sound will help your employees to work on their current work with full concentration, and they will also read the notification after completing their work which means they will not annoy by the regular update in the desktop ticker with the sound notification.
  • Customization: The desktop ticker comes with the customization setting. In the setting, you can do manage the size of fonts, color, and style of the font. In the desktop ticker you can also add the date and time feature, so you know that when you send the notification to the employees and on what date. This also allows you to chose from the send to all or sends to the particular group of a person by clicking simple.
  • Easy development of notification: By you click this over here now you will get the real-time notification from the desktop ticker. In this software, you can easily add customized based recipients, add links, and broadcast the messages.

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