How to welcome your restaurant customers

Making the effort to create the right first impression is of fundamental importance, and it is key to do so in your restaurant. How you greet customers will set the tone for the overall dining experience they will have in your restaurant.

restaurant customers
If you train your staff to provide professional and welcoming greetings this will surely correlate to improved profits. So below are some simple tips that will have customers coming back for more.

1 Respectful language

Whether it’s a new customer or a frequent guest, treat them as you would a new client. The only exception to this is if you know the habits of your regular visitors, such as providing a jug of water when they sit down.

Your staff should use polite language, including calling your guests Sir or Madam.

Below are some example phrases your staff could use:

•       Good morning (afternoon/evening) Sir/Madam
•       Under what name is your reservation Sir/Madam?
•       I’m very sorry but we’re fully booked today, but if you make a reservation we’ll give you 5% off the bill.

Using these simple phrases will ensure your guests feel welcome, and will come back again to experience your exceptional customer service. For more greeting tips, check out

2 Gestures and emotion are key

There are three significant gestures that every restaurant employee should use.

•       Open the door
This is your first contact with your customer. Open the door and greet your guests with a friendly smile, saying, “Welcome to (restaurant name) Sir/Madam.” If the door is already open, you should greet customers with a friendly smile by providing a discrete bow.

•       Take their outerwear
Upon confirming their reservation, offer to take your customer’s coat, using a simple phrase such as “Would you like me to take your coat Sir/Madam?”

•       Guide customers to their table
Taking customers to their table, is a fantastic gesture that will save your customers any confusion as to where they’re going, especially if they haven’t been there before. If your business uses a Facilities online booking system such as the one available from to allocate your table reservations you should ensure that the tables are set and reserved in plenty of time for your diners arriving.
3 Appropriate dress

In the majority of restaurants professional dress is imperative amongst your employees. This can be shirt and tie, or a simple white shirt and formal trousers.

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