How to Plan Your Wedding Anniversary Party in Hong Kong

Is your wedding anniversary coming up? If so, you should definitely plan it out by celebrating with an anniversary party. If you’re having problems on how to do it, check out the tips below to create a memorable wedding anniversary with your spouse, while including your family and friends in on the fun.

  1. Rent an Event VenueA small informal party can be held at home for an intimate celebration with close friends and family. While a bigger and formal party may require renting an event place. This is especially common among couples who are celebrating 10, 25, or 50 years of marriage. Make sure to book the venue earlier, at least a month before, so you can secure the place on the desired date.Check out to find and book the perfect event place in Hong Kong. For grand wedding anniversaries, it’s better to rent a ballroom to accommodate a large number of guests.


  1. Choose a ThemeHaving a theme simplifies the overall planning of your anniversary party as it helps you have a good starting point when deciding from decorations to the food menu. Choose a concept that best reflects you together as a couple. It can be based on a book, movie, or a particular place or music both of you and your spouse love the most.
  1. Send Out InvitationsConsider sending invitations, either a printout or online via email, to your guests. Make the invitation in line with the theme of the party. Do note in the invitation the dress code, any wishes regarding presents, and if the guests would be bringing kids with them and if there are food restrictions. You can also request people not to bring gifts anymore if you do not prefer it or donate to a charity organization of your choice instead.
  1. Ask Family and Friends to Get InvolvedMake your wedding anniversary extra meaningful by getting loved ones, family, and friends involved. Ask them if they could share beautiful memories and some unforgettable anecdotes about you and your spouse throughout the years. Some celebrations have the couple’s children, and/or grandchildren perform a song or a heartwarming video presentation to cherish the moment better.

Make the most memorable anniversary party by planning it earlier and taking your time, so you’re not overwhelmed during the process. Lastly, reduce the stress by having other family members and friends help you out with the preparation.

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