How to Create a Great Shared Office Environment

Planning a start-up business entails a lot of undertakings. Having an office space for your business makes it easy for you to begin your journey. You’ll have the luxury to maximize your effectiveness. You can grow your business by having a shared office in Malaysia. Read on to get the best ideas on how to make your working space become an exciting and productive environment.

Essential Things to Consider When Looking for an Excellent Shared Office in Malaysia

  • Find the space which is worth the cost for your needs.
  • Visibility provides transparency to your customers and potential clients.
  • There should be access to the internet. Most businesses operate with highly-advanced
  • Have the adequate space for your workers and customers to process transactions smoothly.
  • There should be access to telephone lines for better communication between your workers and customers.

Getting Great Shared Office Environment

The Co-labs has more to give you when it comes to your business necessities. It’s the leading co-working space provider that you can find in Malaysia. Its pride is redefining an office experience by building a nurturing and collaborative community where the members can thrive.

The highlight of the amenities includes high-speed internet, business printing, nap pods, recreation facilities, networking, mentorship opportunities, and a lot more. Co-labs elevates your business environment to the next level.

Co-labs’ Membership Types with Fantastic Rates

Here are the three major membership types that you can avail for a seamless experience:

  1. Co-labs’ Premium Suite

Premium Suite is an excellent space for any business looking for a private area with convenient facilities. Co-labs The Starling’s desk rate is RM 799 per month. Co-labs Glenmarie’s desk rate is RM 450 per month. The meeting room access is up to 12 hours. Dedicated storage is available.

  1. Co-labs’ Fixed Desk

Most startups, freelancers, and businesses choose Fixed Desk to conduct their collaboration for business developments. Co-Labs The Starling’s rate is RM 599 per month. Co-labs Glenmarie’s rate is RM 350 per month. The meeting room access is up to 8 hours. Dedicated storage is available.

  1. Co-labs’ Flexi Desk

The Flexi Desk is the right option for mobile teams or individuals who are on-the-go that work remotely. Co-labs The Starling’s rate is RM 399 per month. Co-labs Glenmarie’s rate is RM 250 per month. The meeting room access is up to 6 hours.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of Co-labs’ Three Major Membership Types

  • Daily Access
  • Permanent Seating
  • Business Class Printing
  • Free Hot Beverages
  • Event Access
  • Front Desk Services

Alternative Plans

Co-labs’ flexibility has other packages that will fit your needs such as:

  • Daily Pass
  • Weekly Pass
  • Meeting Room
  • Virtual Office

Final Thoughts

Having a comfortable shared office malaysia has never been more amazing through Co-labs. It’s highly recommended by most entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large businesses. It’s an economical solution for all of your marketing needs in the most convenient ways.  An award-winning co-working space with state-of-the-art facilities can boost your mood to do better and be on top of the competition. Visit the website now and start growing.

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