Here Are 8 Reasons Why Your Organization Needs A Print Assessment Today

Most companies would decline a “free assessment” from different service providers thinking that it would only cost them money and wouldn’t get anything in return except excess office supplies, devices, and whatnot. However, not all companies who offer assessments immediately mean bad business. For instance, top managed print services providers Chicago offers assessments for your print and copy needs to help you maximize paper usage and further boost employee productivity.

These types of cost-effective office print assessments in Chicago from Green Office Partner offer you an incredible opportunity to focus more on your core business and make an integral part of your operation more efficient.

To help you realize what else is in store for you and your business, here are eight reasons to get a print assessment today.


  1. Your Office Printer Fleet Costs You More Than You Realize

Most organizations become inefficient when they practice poor business processes, such as the proper placement of printers and copiers. Without the ideal plan, you might be spending too much for some underutilized machines.

  1. You Don’t Have A Full Grasp Of Your Current Print Environment

When it comes to businesses, manufacturing managed print services in Chicago usually requires more than one staff to keep everything running smoothly. However, if they are also designated to complete other tasks, you might never get a complete and honest report regarding your print volume. With a print assessment, you get the chance to see a different perspective and learn about better strategies to take in the future.

  1. While Local Desktop Printers Offer Convenience, They Are More Costly And Harder To Track

While your staff may enjoy the convenience of having their printers, this isn’t good for your budget and paper usage.

  1. You’re Bound To Renew The Contracts For Your Vendors And Suppliers

If you’re about to reach the end of a contract for some of your vendors, it is the perfect time to get an assessment. Assessing before another contract lets you decide whether you’re still on the right track or if you need to change your supplier.

  1. You Have Recently Merged Or Down-sized Your Company

Printing needs change, especially when you merge or downsize. Consider whether a unified print strategy will best suit you now or not.

  1. You Have Several Office Locations

Ensuring that things are collective within one organization with different locations is tough, and getting an assessment helps identify the best strategies to save on costs while being efficient.

  1. You Have No Idea How Your Paper Documents Are Used

All organizations need to know and manage daily business processes, such as printing. If you haven’t tracked it before, perhaps it’s time to get an assessment.

  1. You Require Security And Compliance

If you are in the finance or healthcare field, there are strict regulations you need to follow, such as protecting and sharing personal information. A print assessment can help you manage and comply with this without having to stress out your entire staff.

Final Word

Even if you have the most comprehensive fleet of printers, the workflow is still inefficient without proper management. Consider getting a free assessment today so you can be more strategic with your future decisions at work.

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