Four signs you need to replace your photocopier

Photocopiers are considered as workhorses in a lot of offices. It is the place where everyone runs before they went to a meeting to grab their handouts, as well as presentations and other important documents, and also where employees talk to each other at working hours.

It is a steady presence that you always take your office copier for granted as long as it still produces copies.

However, there is the inevitability that comes to it that your photocopier will eventually slow down and malfunction despite how many workarounds have been done to make it run properly several times, but it will live up to its years.

So, how do you find out if your copier needs to be replaced? To find out, here are some telltale signs.

photocopier comparison

  1. The constant change in security protocolsРUsually, photocopiers are considered a security risk because a lot of organizations are not taking the needed steps in protecting them or the data that passes through these machines. One of the most crucial moves is the changing of the default password that should be strong and unique in nature, which is often taken lightly. For your photocopier, one of the telltale signs that it needs to be replaced is that it does not have the new security protocols available that are needed in today’s security.
  2. Spare parts are harder to find– A lot of manufacturers of photocopiers generally provide replacement parts or spare parts for their units for many years after the last one is distributed from their assembly line, but at some point, the remaining spare parts available might also be aftermarket parts of different repurposed parts that often becomes difficult to find individual parts as many as the original equipment manufacturers or OEM that is why you should replace your unit with a brand new one where spare parts are always available if you make a photocopier comparison.
  3. The cost continues to rise– A lot of office managers will just do some simple calculation in determining the cost of your toner or the ink that your company costs. If they notice that the cost of the consumables such as the ink or toner continues to rise, it would be better to check out newer units that are designed to save more ink and toner through new technological breakthroughs.
  4. There is a newer version or technology available– Since older units are slower, has subpar performance, and other negative aspects compared to the brand new ones, why would you settle in using these older units? It would be better to invest in the newer versions where you can save money in the long run if you come to think of the consumables and the maintenance. Brand new photocopiers are designed to save more ink and perform optimally compared to older versions, so, why would you settle on the older versions?
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