Five Activities To Explore With Your Partner On A Holiday

Running out of date ideas? Don’t worry! You are at the correct place. If you are bored of the basic lunch, brunch and dinner dates, we have a few creative ideas to help you bond better with your partner.

Body painting

If you are from the creative lot or even if you are not, body painting is a fantastic way to improve intimacy and have a good time. You can use different parts of each other’s bodies to create artistic pieces. Painting on the body is not a necessity. You can also use a canvas or any sheet of paper. The bottom line is to have a good time together.

Massage day

Getting a 마사지 can be an intimate experience with your partner. Get your essential oils ready, undress and start performing the manipulations. You don’t have to do it perfectly. Make sure that you are applying the correct pressure and giving accurate strokes. Watch a few YouTube videos if you are still confused.

Massage has been shown to improve relationships, reduce blood pressure and increase oxytocin release in the body, which is also called cupid best friend. It is a fun activity to add to your list of date ideas for when you are too lazy to get out of the house.


Plan an arcade day

Organize an arcade gaming day if you are in the mood to go out. It will be much more fun than the regular brunch date. You can challenge your partner to air hockey, kill space invaders together or play classic pinball. If you are skilful enough, win a plushie for your partner through the claw crane machine. It will surely improve your bond after all, who will not be excited to win a soft toy?

Bake a confectionary together

Baking is therapeutic for a lot of people. If done correctly, you will have tasty cookies or cupcakes on your counter and a stronger relationship meaning you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Baking also helps you explore the different qualities of your partner. How they handle stressful situations, and if they are a good teammate.

Play board games

Take out your favourite board games for the cupboard and start playing. Form unique and interesting words on a scramble board or competitive over a play of monopoly. Before playing, discuss the rules so that you both don’t end up fighting over a dummy property.

You can also club two activities in one day. For instance, enjoy a game of monopoly and then barter a relaxing 마사지.

These five activities will 100 per cent enlighten your and your partner’s mood and strengthen your bond.

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