Boost your Conversion with an Attractive Website

For setting up an online business, you need to have an attractive website inbuilt with various features that enhance its functionality and user friendliness. An aesthetically designed

Up-to-date website which allows the visitor to smoothly scan through the information will alone ensure conversion of visitors. The websites that are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, easy to use, provide adequate information and are simple to manage build a strong foundation for the growth of the business.

Besides the aesthetics, following are some factors that play an important role in boosting conversion rates. In the quest of making your website SEO friendly, focus should be placed on the design, content, speed, mobile friendliness, internal linking, easy accessibility and integration with social media.

  • Design – A website which incorporates careful placement of relevant keywords and correctly sized images will stand apart. Including popular social media like Facebook in the design will give it an edge over competition.
  • Content – The subject matter should be relevant and built around a central theme. Each page can cover a specific topic making it easy to find information.
  • Internal linking – All pages must be internally linked and allow a smooth ride within the site.
  • URLs – URLs must be easy to follow. They should be short yet give description of a topic that is just enough. They should contain simple characters like a hyphen.
  • Speed – A site that loads slowly does not interest the user and can lead to loss of a potential customer. Google provides speed analysis guide which can help spot areas for improvement. Faster loading site scores high with the customers and search engines.
  • Mobile friendliness – In current market scenario, changes should be made to the website across varied platforms including cell phones.
  • Access – The website that is accessible on all browsers will help boost views, conversion rate and ranking.

SEO optimized sites rank high on popular search engines and also increase number of visitors who may be converted to customers. This gives an impetus to the business owner. The advantages of having a SEO friendly website for your business are many. They are:

  • Customer database – Obtaining the details of customers and getting leads online is effective and easy way to target new customers and retain the existing.
  • Flexibility – As the online shops are open 24×7, customers can shop at any hour of the day or night and from a place of their convenience.
  • Ease of use – It is easy to install helping the web stores and convenient for the customers to shop online.
  • Extensibility – Integration with social media results in an extensive brand display and attracts consumers.
  • Security – Buying and shipping is made really easy with details of shipment on display and cash on delivery option.
  • Customer satisfaction –Answering queries of the customers is an effective way of staying connected with the customers.
  • Information update – The blogs and posts allow potential customers to scan through the reviews about the products or services and choose their own.

Constructing a creative, robust, flexible and cost effective website, customized as per the business needs is key to its successful role in any business. To plan your website effectively, take a help of Creaa Designs – Top Web Design Company in Mumbai, India.

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