All You Should Know about Australia Family Visa Processing time

The nationals traveling to Australia must apply for an Australian visa before traveling and know australia family visa processing time. There are several types of Australian visas depending on the purpose of the trip, whether it is for tourism, education, work, etc. But unlike the evidence that requires a visa purpose, what kind of visa is right for you? Excellent Package introduces different visa types.

Australia has two visa categories:

  1. Non-Immigrant Visa
  2. Permanent Visa (Immigrant Visa)

Non-Immigrant Visa

It is a visa for those who want to travel. Do business study or work by residing in Australia for a certain period for specific purposes, as specified by Australian visa laws and regulations.

Most temporary visa applicants must show consular officials that they intend to leave Australia after their brief stay ends.

Permanent Visa (Immigrant Visa)

It is a visa for those who wish to travel abroad permanently or permanently relocate, such as marriage registration with foreigners relocation to family. The visa applicant must have a certifier, perhaps a relative or employer. This australian family visa processing time may vary to approve.

australia family visa processing time

Ways to apply:

  1. Online
  • create a user account
  • Fill out the online form.
  • Applicants must submit an application with the documents attached for consideration by transferring information (Upload JPEG/PDF Files).
  • When you’re done signing up, you’ll receive a confirmation email.
  1. Application via visa application center (vfs)
  • Only certain visas, such as tourist visas, are allowed for self-service applications.
  • Fill in factual information in English (currently, the form is directed, easier to answer).
  • Prepare the supporting documents.
  • Prepare to book a queue in the next step.

However, in both visa applications, the visa applicant must travel to the visa application center to collect photo and fingerprint information (biometrics).

Most of the problems found that applying for a visa failed.

  • Apply for the wrong visa type
  • fill out the visa form incorrectly.
  • Not all documents have been prepared.
  • The interview was not the point.
  • Financially unstable. Insufficient financial evidence
  • There is no proof from the sponsor, such as proof of residence. Proof of finance proof of work
  • There are no photos of girlfriends or spouses hanging out or wedding photos (in case of a permanent visa).
  • No proof of contact, such as phone bill, proof of internet contact (in case of permanent visa application)

If the visa applicant has submitted the documents correctly according to the purpose and type of visa, it is not difficult to obtain an Australian permit. Want to inquire or consult about an Australian visa? Ask for beautiful packages. They are happy to provide advice and service to all of you.

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