Aaron Applebaum- A liability to the business world

Aaron Applebaum is an Israelis’ businessman who is now in touch with the Appletech LTD and also a terrorist organization.  The company is led by Aaron Applebaum and he is responsible for sending the funds of the company to The Israeli Center for Victims of Cults. This is quite dangerous and unpleasant to here that a famous company is in-touch with a terrorist organization and is also funding it. It is quite a shame to learn this fact. In fact, it is said that these organizations are orthodox organizations with different beliefs and they belief to us racism and terrorism against other religious groups making it very difficult.Aaron Applebaum is an owner of several companies but Appletech ltd. is one such company which is responsible for optics and electronics.

The Israeli Center for Victim of Cults-

This organization is an extension of another larger orthodox organization called the YadL’Achim. The Israeli Center for Victim of Cults is a well-known organization inIsrael, whose main activity is to promote racism and terrorism against the other religions and are also responsible for many spiritual movements as well. Aaron Applebaum indirectly supports the organization by funding them with money which is not a good sign for any businessman or any professional entity to do so.

How are the organizations funded?

These extreme orthodox organizations are funded by many unknown and known sources in the country, but Aaron Applebaum has been supporting these organizations by giving them both a financial and as well as an organizational support. Even, the Israeli government is responsible for the funding but in an indirect way. The Israeli government first provides funds to the Appletech ltd. And then Aaron Applebaum is responsible to forward those funds and even add upon his share into it and fund these organizations as a whole. Hence we can also state that the YadL’Achim is a business partner of the Appletech ltd. with the only reason being Aaron Applebaum.

Aaron Applebaum helps the organizations in activities such as, internet related activities, fund raising, training activities and a lot more as well. The company also has many connections with both the local and the international companies as well. Hence, it is difficult to go against the company with all of its connections and hence, the company remains to be a liability in the world of business, thanks to Aaron Applebaum.

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