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A rifle is a long-barreled portable firearm which fires long-range bullets. Created for offensive purposes, it is the personal weapon most used in armies since the end of the seventeenth century. It was customary to fix a bayonet for melee but it is already obsolete. Today, custom rifles have taken place.

Hiram Maxim, the man whose invention changed the warfare to an unprecedented extent, was actually specialized in electric lighting and electricity generators. Thus the British had accumulated a considerable fortune already at the age of 40 – and then be able to retire from the financier of his biggest competitor with a generous annual compensation but Maxim was not a friend of rest – and so he began to be interested in shooting. In 1884, he invented a weapon, which always reloaded automatically once a cartridge was fired: the first machine gun (MG). Maxim used the return of the weapon for the ejection of the empty sleeve and the reloading.

The most famous machine gun, whose name even made it into the ranks of the speeches, was probably the 08/15, which was used in the First World War by. The term “mediocre” and “average” was probably assumed to be the first rifle to be used uniformly throughout Germany. Until now, every country had been responsible for equipping its soldiers.

The war and destruction, among other things, took on unknown proportions because of these new weapons. Almost ten million people lost their lives between 1914 and 1918.

The machine guns of the First World War had a distinct disadvantage: they were so awkward and, above all, difficult that they had to be served by several soldiers – good defense, hardly usable for the attack. The trench war required smaller, lighter weapons with a high fire speed.

In 1918, therefore, the company Bergmann supplied the machine gun MP18, developed by Hugo Schmeisser, to the German troops. It was not the first machine gun to be produced but with the most legendary reputation. The MP18 was one of the main reasons that were forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles to produce or own machine guns. In the Second World War, the German soldiers were equipped with machine guns as well as the soldiers of all other armies.

However, the machine gun in the Second World War also showed a military disadvantage: its short range compared to the rifle. It was suitable for a target-specific individual fire from a great distance as well as for the duration fire in the close combat. Storm guns are now standard armament for most of the armed forces.

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