6 Easy steps to take Voice Lessons

Nowadays there are lot of options to learn Singing from Academies, private lessons to online lessons.

Here’s the 6 step method to learn voice lesson hong kong

  • Breathing– The first step to breathing well while singing is to maintain a right alignment of posture. If you want to sing well, sing from your diaphragm. Increase your ability to inhale some large quantities of air which will help you sing long phrases. Voice lessons teach you to snatch a quick breathe when the time is little between the two sentences. Learning the art of ‘escape of breath’ will allow you to sing long phrases in a controlled and relaxed manner.
  • Chest Voice: Is also your speaking voice. You should learn how to control as well as maximize volume. While learning the lessons you will need to stretch your vocal ligament while also strengthening the vocal fold closure. You can also exercise to strengthen your vocalis or thyroarytenid muscles.
  • Head Voice: The third step of voice lessons is to connect the vocal chords while using the upper register. Through this you will be able to explore the strength of Head Voice. To feel it, place the palm of your hand on the top back part of your head. You may also feel the vibrations on your back neck you raise your pitch.

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  • Transition– Why you need voice lessons hong kong is to learn how to transit between the chest voice and head voice. This is a skill, which you need to polish to seamlessly transit and eliminate instability while the transition. You can practice few exercises to strengthen and smoothen your transition capacity.
  • Mixed Voice – After mastering your transition from Chest Voice to Head Voice, you will learn how to change your head voice into a mixed voice. This is the art or an ability to use both the lighter part of your head voice muscles and the chest voice muscles simultaneously for a full sound with less effort in your upper register.
  • Vocal Range– There are two types of Vocal Ranges, Upper range and Lower Range. Singing lessons will help you enhance on both of the ranges so that you can sing variety of songs.

Some of the regular activities which you will need to perform on a daily basis for better performance are mentioned below:

  • Warm up before singing so that you can isolate the problem areas. Remember, warm up doesn’t mean that you must sound good.
  • Recognize you pitch of your voice with a help of piano.
  • The more you practise singing daily, better voice you will have.

Drinking enough water on a daily basis will lubricate your vocal chords.

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