Best Rubric ToSave Water- Water Recycling

Water is the most precious resource and the most endangeredcompound on the Mother Earth ready to vanish in the coming decade. It is no wonder thatmost of the parts of our planet are already facing huge crisis of this most treasured property. All credit goes to the unmonitored and careless wasting of water by us- the Homo sapiens which occupy major part of the earth and obviously are playing major role in destroying its natural gifts-  the invaluable resources, for satisfying our never satiated greed. Now the time has come to rise and take action, to trouble our self with the worry of high rate of depleting water table and do something to either slow it or completely stop it and save water for our future generations.

water recycling

Why water recycling?

Water is a costly commodity being wasted more than conserved and not used judiciously leading to crisis. Water recycling means to treat the waste water and reuse it for purposes like watering plats, landscape irrigation, generating electricity, flushing toilets, water recharge (replenishing ground water basin) and many other purposes. Many times the recycled water is reused on the very site it was recycled saving the cost of water transportation and evading the danger of water leakage while transporting, seeping and spilling en route. This is mostly seen in industries where large amount of water is used for work rendering it unusable and hence water recycling is carried out on gross level at the site of workand used at that very place. It is the most viable method which not only saves water but reduces the operating cost of industries hence proving to be economical and eco- friendly.

Water recycling at home

Water recycling can be carried out easily in home on small scale for our daily use by some elementary ways-

  • Rain Gardens- A rain garden is a pit or depression which allows the rainwater to slide down from the areas where it does not penetrate in ground and get absorbed by the earth enhancing level of ground water.
  • Grey water reuse- The water which is used gently in the kitchen, bathroom, and sinks for washing, cleaning and other mild activities and has not come in contact with faces is called Grey Water. It may look dirty and greasy but is actually very useful for irrigation and gardening in agricultural fields or simply your kitchen garden. When it is released in rivers or any large water body, its nutrients become pollutants and act as poison for marine animals.

Seeing the present pitiable state of water it has become inevitable to go for water recycling. The best course to betaken is spreading of awareness about water recycling and establishment of water recycling plants at large levels.

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