Your favourite TV content with a great d2h recharge plan

The best D2H recharge plan can help you get access to quality TV programming. Here’s how it works.

Can you imagine a life without TV? Or not being able to watch your favourite TV programmes?Without D2H services, watching your favourite shows on TV wouldbe a distant dream. But now, thanks to D2H, you can choose and watch only channels that you select, because D2H offers you the opportunity to customise the packages according to your personal preferences. So, you end up paying only for what you want to watch.

But with thousands of digital TV deals out there, it’s easy to get sucked into getting the wrong package. So, we are more than happy to help you findand sign up for a great d2h recharge plan that every member of the family will be sure to enjoy.

Finding the perfect D2H recharge plan for you

Before you begin your quest to find the best D2H recharge plan for you and your family, do understand that DTH offers you an opportunity to customise your package plan as per your preference. So you end up paying only for what you want to watch. Airtel digital TV offers customers a D2H recharge plan with its Recharge DTH infinity pack, which costs Rs.5,801. Consumers can recharge with Airtel Payments Bank and get a cashback of Rs. 150.Additional benefits that consumers can avail of are a one -year free BMC (box maintenance cover) worth Rs.99 and a one-year free recording top-up worth Rs.396. SD customers can get all the SD channels at just Rs. 5,301 for 1 year. Additionally, if they pay Rs. 500 extra, they can get all the HD channels for one year along with a free HD boxupgrade.

How to recharge?

Recharging your account is simple. To start with, whenever your payment is due, you will receive a message on your TV and an alert on your phone. You can also click ‘My Account’ option from EPG menu to see your account details. You can also choose from a host of convenient payment /recharge options when it comes to your D2H recharge plan.

Your Airtel D2H recharge plan also gives you the option to make your recharge payment through Paytm.Airtel users recharge for Rs. 250 and above via Paytm andget a cashback of Rs 50 or Rs 20. Along with this cashback,subscribers are eligible for a movie cashback of up to Rs. 150.

Airtel D2H recharge plan also allows consumers to use their credit/debit cards to recharge for a minimum of Rs. 200, or a maximum of Rs. 10,000. Or you can simply recharge through the website by using your credit/debit card, net banking or Airtel Money account. Consumers can also recharge their D2H plans via Airtel Money either from an Airtel mobile or simply by downloading the myAirtel app.

Your DTH recharge cannot get any simpler than this. And you can now enjoy a seamless TV experience. Also, you no longer need to rely on any other sources to get information about channel packs or offers on your recharge DTH service.

Furthermore, Airtel’s D2H recharge service makes it very convenient for customers to recharge their plans without having to physically go to another location. Plus, the recharge process is easy, efficient, and secure.

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