Understanding Candle Making In Singapore

Learning the process of making small-batch candles should never be a problem. It is as easy as joining a class in candle making in Singapore to learn the basics of candle making.  Before you get into the candle making thing, you must understand that candle making is chemistry and art, and having the know-how on how to combine both is the way to go to get the best results.  Ecoponics has a team of qualified candle making specialists, and are ready to assist you in creatingan eco-friendly and clean-burning candle.

How Are Ecoponics Candle Making Classes?

Role-playing or time-keeping in the candle making activity provides an awesome experience for team building.  It’s one of the best experiences in which your soul, body, and mind are rejuvenated. The Ecoponics candle making workshops offer a serene and tranquil environment besides awesome candle making ideas, designs, and themes. You’ll be amazed at how at the end of the day you mastered the art of making soy and gel candles from scratch.

What Should You Expect when you Join Our Classes?

Joining us for the candle making experience will equip you with lots of knowledge and skills. Expect all of these things when you join our candle making classes. Expect all of these things when you join our candle making classes.

  • You’ll be equipped with enough skills and knowledge on multiple techniques you can use to make gel candles from scratch.
  • Acquire the knowledge required to melt and mix gel and soy wax from different fragrances and colors.
  • You will learn the art of making unique and amazing gel candles from scratch
  • Your experiences learning the art of making candles with use will be laughter and fun-filled.

candle making in Singapore

Why Are We The Best In Candle Crafting Training?

Ecoponics is the home of skills plus experience. All our artisans and craftsmen have years of experience imparting hands-on skills and knowledge to willing potential artisans. Our artisans are licensed and certified to offer this kind of training. Let’s discuss what makes us better from the rest.

  • We have PIC workshops’ scented candle making, which allows you to enjoy the gel and soy candle making.
  • Our workshops are beginner-friendly and suit best for both beginners and experts
  • We’ve years of experience and have acquired all the needed experience and skills
  • We do have trained and certified candle crafting specialists who understand what the industry is all about.

For those thinking of booking a class with us, book two weeks in advance so you give us adequate time to prepare the required resources and materials. We are available all-through to answer all your queries and solve your issues, so consider getting in touch at any time to have you booked in the next class of candle making in Singapore.

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