ITSM in a cloud Advantages of the SaaS-platform to ITSM

Each company owns IT infrastructure, its level depends on a profile and the size of the company. Each employee of the company is connected with IT: works at the computer calls by telephone uses network services and the Internet. The fewer problems with IT or the quicker they are solved – the user is happier. Each employee performs certain functions in the big business car using the service management platform. That the company brought income and developed, users have to be satisfied with the quality of IT services, efficiency, and convenience of interaction with each other. The approach to management of IT described in ITIL and is focused on business, and not just on internal efficiency of IT division.

Introduction of ITSM is such an approach to management of IT services – makes them easier, more transparent, more effective, focus IT on business and on the consumer. Advantages of the introduction of ITSM are clear, and here the choice of a way of realization raises questions.

IT services

SaaS vs desktop solution

Almost each IT solution has front-end and back-end as a small hut in the wood. Front-end is seen by the user or the administrator of the system: windows, panels, schedules, buttons, text fields – clear and convenient tools for the realization of the functionality of the system. And here back-end – this field of activity of engineers and programmers: DPC, server, network equipment, OS, platform, applications, backup, safety. Professionally adjusted interaction of all these elements forms a ready control system of IT, crookedly collected set of applications – a headache for the Chief information officer and constant expenses for the business.
There are advantages of the SaaS-platform when comparing to the traditional solution.

  1. SaaS is cheaper

Local ITSM software products are very demanding to the budget: it is necessary to pay for the installation of the equipment, to buy the server, an operating system, licenses for the ITSM platform and its support. Then annually it is necessary to prolong contracts for equipment maintenance, support, and updating of all software.

SaaS doesn’t demand preliminary expenses, payment is made on a subscription from the first month of use. There are no additional expenses, you receive ready reliable service which for you will be served and contained. Subscribing for long-term, it is possible to count on a discount.

  1. SaaS shouldn’t be served

Having developed the platform locally, it is necessary to sign several contracts for software maintenance and the equipment, technical support and consulting maintenance at introduction. The size of these expenses can be up to 50% of the cost of licenses on soft. Providing the first line of support also becomes a task of the IT division.

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