Hiring A Plasterer – When Do You Need To Hire A Pro?

Plastering is a construction process where you need to apply a thin cover of cement mortar over an exposed surface. This is to protect it against rainwater penetration or other atmospheric substances. Plastering can also improve how the structure looks and it will give you decorative effects on the interior.

However, can you do it yourself? When is it time to call a pro? If you have done a terrible job with it, the results can be very obvious. Plastering is extremely difficult to do for a DIYer. It may look like you’re just finishing up a surface, but a professional knows what to do. If you are looking for a Plasterer Brisbane, there is a professional who would be perfect for the job.


Daniel Kohler – Your Specialist

Daniel Kohler, also known as “Mr. Patch,” is one of the most trusted Plasterer in Brisbane. He has been working in this industry since 1994. When it comes to experience, he has a very strong background in every plastering jobs and construction which includes plaster design work. Experience is not enough. He also holds a B.Bbe in Architectural Studies from QUT.

Daniel is focused on small plastering jobs at the moment. He is very meticulous when it comes to detail compared to high volume builders. He has made so many clients happy and has provided high-quality service all over Brisbane for 24 years.

Plastering Services That Daniel Kohler Offers

According to Daniel, “Anything Plaster related, I can do.” If what you need is a large plastering Job, Daniel will refer you to one of his trusted contractors that he has worked with in the past, or have been one of his clients. “He provides a very prompt response for a quote and can have his work completed next day,” says Corrie P, one of Daniels’ happy clients. But if you are interested to know what kind of Plastering services he offers, here they are:

  • Hole repairs
  • Ceiling joint repairs
  • Joint expansions
  • Repair and Installation of Cornice
  • Plastering Renovations
  • Water Damage Repairs

When it comes to Plastering jobs in Brisbane, there may be plenty of contractors that you can choose from. But if you are looking for the best and the most preferred Plasterer, Daniel Kohler is your best choice. He has been working as a professional plasterer for over 2 decades. With his combined experience and education, he knows what every customer needs.

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