Trophies and the Awards-Best way to honor Achievement

Trophies and Awards are the very wonderful way that allows an individual to get recognized for their hard work and remember it for the years to come. From Big to small events Trophies are always appreciated. Trophies and awards come in the endless variety of the shapes, styles, materials and different range of price.

A Trophy or an award is the Durable, tangible reminder of the specific achievement of the person serves as the recognition or the evidence of his or her achievement. Basically, Trophies are being awarded for the Different Sporting events, from the youth sports to the professional level athletics. In most of the events, medals are often given out are given as the trophy or along with the more other traditional trophies.

History of the trophies and awards

Trophies and Awards have been always marked victories since that of the ancient times. The word Trophy was coined in English in the year 1550 and was derived from the French word trophy which was derived in the year 1513.

In the Ancient time Greece was the winners of the Olympic Games and at that time initially, no trophy is given but later winners start receiving trophies such as Tripod are silver cups etc.


Trophies and awards come in many different types and are different for different events. They are of different shape size and different material is being used for making it. The Different kinds of awards available are:-

trophies and awards

Custom Awards and trophies

  • Custom crystal
  • Custom Acrylic
  • Custom 3D Laser

Crystal Awards and trophies

  • Crystal Diamonds
  • Crystal Globes
  • Crystal Stars

Glass Awards and trophies

  • Clear Glass
  • Jade Glass
  • Art Glass

So these are some of the various types of Awards and the Trophies that, Glass are manufactured all over the world by various manufacturers for the various events.


There are many different companies that manufacture the Trophies and the awards. The Awards and come in the different varieties having the traditional and the modern approach towards the design.  The gleam of the eye-catching polished wooden trophies can now stand along the elegantly sparkling crystal ones.  These trophies are made from the selection of the materials that consist of the Brass, aluminum Fiber Glass, ceramic, Granite, Silver, Resin etc.Now it is easily possible to engrave the Crystal, Silver, Acrylic, glass and the internal 3D laser on the trophies.

Today Trophies and Awards can be custom designed also as anyone can give their own design of the trophy for the making and once the design gets approved trophy can be made. So if you have a design in mind sketch it, get it approved and you will get it.

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