Know the key factors necessary for effective leadership and personality growth

It is important for each and every organization to make sure that they have employed the best candidate for the specific work profile. Also, the candidate selected needs to have a personality that suits the profile. Only then can the candidate gel well with the job and be able to match the requirements of work and live up to its challenges.

Some factors to consider

The very first factor which is to be taken into consideration is organizational cultural orientation. This is because it tends to relate to the leadership development efforts’ perceived value. Through cultural orientation, several facets are being referred to. Senior leadership belief structure is one such aspect that is termed to be a powerful way to create a culture. It also reflects what is being valued by the organization. If proper support is not provided by seniors to the efforts of the juniors who try to engage themselves in different types of leadership development activities, then they might not be interested to be engaged. It is very much crucial for the top managers to sponsor development. They need to make sure that they support and help the employees to learn and stay motivated all the time. Again, the extent by which the senior leader supports their very own continued development is likely to impact the low level leaders’ motivation levels.

Personality assessment processes and tools

The other factor that is related to culture/environment created and leadership development is considered to be the supporting process and tool numbers for development and their easy availability. There are indeed different kinds of personality assessment tools and development programs. A significant difference can be created in the organization by the extent of which these tools are used. This way, the individual learner stands to benefit and get developed, such that he can engage in his assigned tasks effortlessly and successfully. There are some situations, where self-directed leadership behaviour will need other means to be implemented to achieve success. Organizations may considerably vary as to how much emphasis is to be placed upon leadership development. Accordingly, the physiological stance taken by them, with regards to providing access to resources and tools is to be accounted for.

According to the experts, there could possibly be a continuum between organizations, which emphasize development and individual accountability. This means, there are companies that can provide the necessary personality assessment processes and tools. However, it is the organization that should be the initiator. It should try to drive its own development. There are also those who are found to be prescriptive in nature. It means, the individual is to progress through the programs, personality assessments and experiences, prior to moving to the next hierarchy level.

Engaging in developmental experiences can be difficult for some individuals, if only formal prescriptive channels are offered. Irrespective of the placement of the organization on the continuum, personality assessment resources and tools are available to the leader. This will make a great impact upon the individual’s ability to develop.

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