Improve Recruitment by Refining the Candidate Experience

When you advertise your dental jobs, it is vitally important to conduct the recruitment process in a fair, transparent and professional manner. Failure to do so could cause big problems for the dental office in terms of falling foul to regulations, not to mention the reputational damage which can be caused. If a candidate experiences the recruitment process in a negative way, they will be quick to convey their feelings on social media, or even on review websites, which could damage the practice’s online reputation. It may also discourage their work peers from applying for a job at the dental office in the future, which may mean the office will miss out on the best applicants.

This is backed up by research conducted into the candidate experience. When questioned, 75% of candidates would be likely to talk about and share their negative candidate experience with their friends and colleagues.

As you can see, it is vitally important that the dental office has an excellent candidate experience, but how can it do this?

Reach Out to all Applicants

Applicants to your advertised position will have spent a great deal of time in researching your office and applying for the position, so the least you as a dental office should do is communicate with the candidate at all stages of the process to ensure they are aware of the progress of their application.

In a study on communication in the candidate experience, nearly every respondent said it was their pet hate that the employer they were looking to work for didn’t keep them up to date on the progress of their application.

“Manners Maketh the Man”

When a candidate doesn’t meet your criteria, simply thank the candidate for expressing an interest and wish them luck in their job search. For extra brownie points, maybe express how they can improve their chances for next time. If they were a close fit for the position, you may wish to keep their details on file.

In a study, it was found that 95% of candidates would consider reapplying for the position if they were kept up to date about their application. This could reduce costs in future recruitment drives, simply by being polite and taking a few minutes to send an email.

Analyze the Candidate Experience

You may be wondering how the hell can you measure candidate experience? All you need to do is to chat with existing employees to see how they found the candidate experience and ask them to note down any changes that they would make. This could offer an interesting insight into the candidate experience that you may not have known about. By chatting with existing employees, it sends out a message to them that you appreciate their views, and they will feel valued by the dental office.

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