ID Cards and Their Real Purpose

Many people believe that wearing Id cards at work is just a matter of fashion, or maybe something the new boss wanted to try. The truth is that ID cards are a straightforward way to help your company stay together and safe. Let’s see why:

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  1. Spot fake IDs

Imagine an information thief is trying to get access to the computers in your company, there might be some sensible data filed there, and this person wants to get it illegally to make some money. The person comes to the office wearing some sort of IT uniform and ID. And this is the first occasion to prove who he/she is and who he or she works for.

This ID card can be fake, and there are several ways to verify that. Your security personnel can make a call to the IT company; this is the first thing to do since in the ID card there must be some numbers to communicate to the original company. This is one of the information elements that cannot be left out when creating the layout of your ID cards.

  1. QR code doesn’t work

This can also be a sign of alarm for fake IDs, a QR code that takes you nowhere, or that reflects some error page when scanned. This means that this code is not attached to any piece or verifiable information.

  1. Who wears an ID card?

All the employees should wear their ID cards at all times. They can be hanging around their neck with a piece of the lanyard. There is the possibility of having services like lanyards next day delivery UK and therefore have all your staff wearing the ID card in a visible place in their outfit.

Some people may say that if they work outside of the premises, they don’t need an ID card. On the contrary, those employees who must be out at day are representing the company beyond the four walls of the office, and they must be identifiable and represented all the time by the company displayed in their ID card.

  1. Opening doors are just the beginning:

Some ID cards also have magnetic codes to open certain doors, every time an employee uses them the system registers who passed through that door and who didn’t. This is one of the most popular functions ID cards have besides identifying people. But there are also some cards that can also be used in special ATMs or stores because they have a chip with credit for the employees.

  1. Discounts and offers

Some places offer discounts if you belong to a specific area of work, just like they do with students. Presenting your ID card before these stores can give you opportunities to find some items at a lower price or maybe some movie or theater play with a discount. Some companies give their employees free tickets and some others decide to “load” them in their intelligent ID cards. 

What good ID cards should have

The first thing would be a very nice front picture of the employee. Without hats, glasses, caps or anything that covers facial features. Some companies ask their employees not to smile in ID cards to get a more neutral face and be able to recognize all the features.

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If cards are going to be intelligent, codes, bars, and chips can be added to file more data from the users and therefore be able to retrieve it at any time with the use of a simple scanner or camera in a portable phone. 

Bottom line

ID cards are more than just a pretty picture and your name. They are an excellent way to identify yourself as a member of a company and also to identify others inside and outside of the premises. It is not an empty requirement, and everybody should start wearing them if they haven’t: cleaning personnel, security staff, secretaries, delivery, and drivers. Something else many people fail to recognize about ID cards is that it is not only a way of letting other people know who you are but also a way to identify who do you work for and therefore who you are representing.

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