Do You Need Large Format Printing?

Do you want to promote your company at a trade show, seminar, or exhibition? If so, you need to review the offerings in large format printing services. By taking this type of stance, you can produce posters and display materials that are designed to impress. Plus, these types of collateral can be printed in full colour so you receive the attention that you wish to attract.

An Array of Display Options

Large format printing, which is also called wide format printing, is a type of printing that performed to create posters as well as popup displays, chalkboards, roller banners and canvas type prints. You can choose from lightweight roller banners or take your printing to the next level by producing eye-capturing light boxes or bespoke exhibit stands.

How Do You Want Your Poster to Appear?

In order to make a selection, you need to review each of the various offerings. Posters are probably purchased the most when it comes to large format printing. That is because posters can be completed in a short matter of time. If you work with a company that has the latest in large format printing equipment, you can be assured that your posters will look first-rate.

A Wide Range of Finishing Solutions

Services today also include a large selection of photo gloss paper and canvas and matte designs, all created to prevent undue reflection on the final prints. Posters are usually mounted on such materials as foam boards or stiff PVC (polyvinyl chloride). However, you do not have to limit your selection in this respect. You have a wide array of finishing solutions available. Therefore, you only need to work with the printer to find the best solution.

A Personalised Display

Companies such as Kall Kwik Fleet Street offer large format printing from A2 to A0+ and beyond. Therefore, you can be assured that the look of your printing will be personalised. You can also use this type of printing service to display company posters in reception or at business presentations. The posters can be snap framed, regularly framed, or mounted. Every consideration will be given to support your company’s display efforts.

Double-Sided Posters

Plus, posters can be encased in plastic to prevent any type of damage. Encapsulating the poster in plastic also allows you to print a double-sided display, thereby doubling your visibility. With this safeguard in place, you can make use of your poster for a long time to come.

Roller Banner Displays

Roller banners are used by clients who are concerned about their budgets. These large print formats are not only lightweight but they can also be purchased with a carrying case. A medium is used on the back of the poster to avoid any type of show-through. The banners can even be laminated with a glossy covering. If you are going to use this type of print again and again, you want to be sure to get it protected.

Whether you are seeking a poster display or a roller banner, you can be assured that your business will be well-represented. See how large format printing can enhance your business’s reputation and popularity today.


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