Classification of companies and the way to its success

When it comes to business success, there are several different ways to achieve the goals. However, one must first know the basics. Big and small company can carve its own niche in its industry through outstanding customer service. In fact, with all things considered and held equal, it can be the difference-maker they are looking for. But although a large number of executive believes that they are providing outstanding customer service. Apart from attracting new clients, it is a key component on retaining current customer. In delivering the best, it that allows their company to truly stand out and it is essential to understand the exceptional results do not come due to luck.

If one want to deliver quality customer service and further strengthen their relationship with the customers, it is important to provide their employees with the right tools, including customer service training modules. A good training module should enable their employees to deliver top-caliber service to both internal and external customers with a keen focus on the needs of both groups. A suitable training program should improve their employee’s competence on numerous area, including interpersonal and communication skills, problem solving, decision making and relationship building. Such a training course should teach their employees what it means to deliver customer services and what it takes to recognize what the customer’s needs and expectation. Each individual business has its own management structure along with a president and also with management team reporting to the Hold it all and sharing common administrative and professional services.

way to success

Classification of companies:

There are many categories of companies which are classified on the basis of liability, members, incorporation or registration, ownership, nationality and the basis of control. Limited by shares is the one where the liability of member is limited to the face values of share that the members have in the company. Limited guarantee is the one where the liability of members is limited to a fixed amount which they have guaranteed on. This is where the members have agreed to contribute their assets to pay the outstanding liabilities of the company in the event of winding up. On the basis of members it is divided into private co, and public co. the private Co is defined as the one with a minimum of twenty members but with a maximum of fifty members.

The Public Co is defined as the one with a minimum of seven members but with no maximum number of members. Each individual business has its own building structure. The business and operating units within Hold it all are bounded together by Chip Wilson’s dynamic curiosity and electric interest. Each of it reflects an aspect of his personal vision, values and passion. Lululemon is the holding company and this type of holding companies is one that owns more than fifty percentage of nominal value of equity share capital of another company or is controlling the composition of the board of directors of another company and it means that it is a company that is controlling subsidiary company.

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