How To Improve Ranking Of Your Amazon Product Listing On Google

Being an eCommerce seller and selling on Amazon has become a niche story now. What are the trending and challenging then?

Well, if you are a seller on Amazon, you must have been facing harsh competition over the platform. To overcome this competition, one of the best-sought weapons is getting top ranking on Google. Getting good ranks of your Amazon product listing on Google is one of the essential jobs to win the race among the competitors and advised as great if given or outsource to Amazon Product Listing Services firm.

Google is the largest search engine in the world now and uses different algorithms when handling Amazon’s internal search engine. If the seller is ranking well on both the platforms, it will double up the benefits for the team. Check out the tips to improve the ranking of your Amazon product listing on Google:

Link Building On Another Indexed Website

When you add a link of your product page on another website which is already indexed on Google, the Google Bots will pay extra attention to these kinds of activities. You can add a link to your website (other than Amazon platform) as well as other websites.

In the midst of all, make sure the product listing is not duplicate. Hence, in this case, it is better to rely on Amazon product listing optimization professionals. With high domain authority, you can get more effective and quick results.

Placing Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords may not be picked up by Amazon by Google definitely will. Research on some long tail keywords as per your focussed product along with natural-language queries. This will result in you rank better for the niche terms that will drive people to your product.

If the intent is clear on the Google search, the related link will be on a higher place in the search result.

Optimization & Focus Matter

If you are getting high traffic via Google to your Amazon product listing page but the visitors are not buying or you’re not getting conversion rate, you are killing your Amazon rankings as well. Here are some simple tips to make sure that the visitors are taking interest and converted into buyers.

  1. Spend most of the time with Amazon product listing optimization and make the listing filled with rich, interesting, informative content.
  2. Upload only high-quality images of product from different angles.
  3. Give a precise yet informative description and be clear about the benefits & USPs of the product.
  4. Highlight the discounts, gifts and offers (if any).

To The Point Information

Amazon auto generates meta-descriptions and product titles for all its listing which decides how your listing will be shown on Google search page. Thus, keep the title short, understandable and with USP.

Power Of Bundles

‘Bundles’ is the power pack of Amazon which can help you to score better on Amazon as well as on Google.

You can create a bundle or package of several products which require a different name with so many products. This will help you to create a completely separate listing which will make your product unique. Outsource Amazon Product Listing Services for complete ranking and branding solutions.

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