Zinc Carbonate BPC: Its Information and Uses

What is Zinc Carbonate?


Often called as “Smithsonite”, it is a mineral ore of zinc. It was discovered by James Smithson in 1832. During that time, Smithson discovered a mineral called calamine which brings to some speculation. Smithson knew that calamine can produce two types of zinc, the zinc carbonate and zinc silicate. On the other hand, Smithsonian Institution identified Zinc Carbonate mineral in 1802.

Zinc Carbonate or Smithsonite is an exceptionally colored mineral and barely found as crystals. It is examined with 4.5 of Mohs hardness and a specific gravity of 4.4 to 4.5. It appears as a secondary mineral in the process of weathering of zinc ore deposits. It is usually used as replacement in carbonate rocks and can substitute zinc ore. It is usually bought to some trusted manufacturers, example is Zinc Carbonate BPC.

Uses of Zinc Carbonate

 The relevant role of zinc carbonate is that zinc metal can be extracted from the ore. Zinc itself is a good conductor of electricity. Zinc is usually used as protection layer for iron and steel to avoid them from rusting. It can be used as paint, chemical and agricultural processes.

Smithsonite is essentially used as jewelry. It appears as blue-green spherical shape. They call it as “Bonamite” when it is sold as jewel. Sometimes mislead as jade but jade has no relation with Zinc Carbonate.

Zinc Carbonate BPC

 Zinc Carbonate BPC can also be found at Global Chemical Co., Ltd. They supply different high quality chemicals at low cost. They conduct continuous product research and development to the improvement of the products that will give a high-satisfaction to their customers. They strongly believe that what is good for their customers will be good for them. They locally sells zinc products in Thailand and exports in several continents such as Asia, America, Australia, Europe and Africa.

One of their product is Zinc Carbonate BPC. It is usually packed by 25kg in a PP woven bag with PE liner and an extra of PE bag inside. It looks like white to light yellow powder. It is usually used to give rubber items quick cure and transparency. Zinc Carbonate BPC has a high area ranged measuring 25-40M2/g giving better results to production. Zinc Carbonate BPC is recommended for transparency items, colored items and EVA sponge products.


 Zinc Carbonate BPC is available at Global Chemical Co., Ltd. It is a product wherein you can use it in several ways. Historically, Zinc Carbonate shows how it helps and contributes to our daily life. This mineral has numerous of uses including health issues, metallurgy, electronics and constructions.

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