WoW Exploits, Bots and Hacks

Are you looking for new ways to fill your WoW gold wallet? Do you want to be in on the latest dirty PvP tricks? Interested in powerleveling a character to the level cap faster than you ever thought possible? Get to know the dark side of Word of Warcraft - exploits, hacks and bugs offer easy shortcuts for those willing to try. On top of those WoW cheats, Strategy Freaks provides you with the most efficient legitimate leveling, farming and PvP strategies:

  • Full-time staff who is constantly on the look-out for the next big WoW exploit.
  • Dedicated members that not only post and test World of Warcraft exploits, but also seek out the latest hacks and bugs.
  • Insider connections to professional gold farmers, that pay off big time for anyone interested in the best gold-making strategies.
  • Killer WoW bots and macros allow you to level and farm as fast and easy as never before.
  • Our active community and full time moderators keep our massive selection of World of Warcaft guides, strategies and hints up to date.

Prefer to stay within safer boundaries? No worries, Strategy Freaks is one of the best sources for WoW guides and hints that catapult you ahead with zero risk. Our community can help you get your hands on raid-level epic equipment without using a single WoW exploit.

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World of Warcraft Guides

Looking for better farming locations? Facing too much competition? Making a loss while crafting? Wonder if your talent build is really the best choice? Having too many unanswered questions? Not any more. Strategy Freaks members enjoy all benefits from our elite World of Warcraft guides. With detailed explanations and well written strategies, our WoW guides give you the most efficient approach to gold making, skill leveling, quest walk-throughs, talent builds and raiding.

Our employed experts give out the best of their strategies and write all World of Warcraft guides without holding back. You can also ask them to clarify any point or consult them about anything you have in mind at any time. Just post your questions and get all answers almost immediately. By simply joining up and gaining access to our guides, your World of Warcraft experience will never be the same again.

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World of Warcraft Macros

Are you tired of those repetitive tasks, endless grinding and boring crafting sessions? Time to benefit from our World of Warcraft macros. Just leave your character online and have the macro do its magic while you are sleeping. All you have to do is join Strategy Freaks for access to our WoW Macro programs and let them handle tiresome harvesting and leveling tasks. With your macro recorded, you can repeat those tasks again any time.

You only have to worry about what price you are selling your harvesting and crafting results for. Then just watch your gold balance grow bigger and bigger. Just use our WoW macros to turn a month of saving up for your legendary mount to a few nights of sleep. The faster you join, the better. You are losing a big chance to make more gold for every day that passes.

World of Warcraft Bots

Still wasting your time leveling your characters on your own? Want a bot to level up or farm over night? Your chance is here, sign up at Strategy Freaks today and use our World of Warcraft bots. You can level up, skill up and make more gold over night easily and without any worries. All you have to do is just leave your computer on and come to check your backpack and EXP once in a while. Not convinced yet? Strategy Freaks members don't just have acccess to effective and working bots but also many guides on where to deploy them as well.

If crafting is your favorite activity then your major problem would be wasting your precious gold on those over-priced materials from the auction house. Don't do that anymore, you have access to WoW bots. Go to bed and wake up to craft in the morning with all materials having been harvested by your bot during the night. See how useful it is? Join Strategy Freaks and start running WoW bots right now.

World of Warcraft Hacks

Couldn't bear your slow leveling speed? Still have to farm more gold to afford the next piece of equipment? Why don't just hack or dupe them? World of Warcraft hacks can offer you a far beyond game-breaking advantage over other players and with full-time staff moderating our archive, you can be sure of their safety and validity.

Don't waste your time trying random programs to find a working one. Access our site and use thoroughly tested programs from our archive. Strategy Freaks employs game experts to keep our World of Warcraft hacks safe and updated. And besides providing you with hacks, we also provide guides, tips and hints on where and how to use them effectively. No reason to wait longer, join Strategy Freaks and start hacking WoW right now.

World of Warcraft Cheats

Isn't the word cheat a bit vague? Here at Strategy Freaks, we define it as an approach to make more than you deserve from your effort. And we have plenty of those approaches available. Just use our WoW cheats and you can make more gold and EXP while spending less time than you do right now. Our World of Warcraft cheats range from small glitches like wall climbing, to tricky mods and add-ons, to game-breaking WoW cheat programs.

Why put increase your effort while knowing that you could do less and enjoy the same result? What are you waiting for? With all these advantages you can have, you will never need to save up just to buy a piece of equipment ever again.

World of Warcraft Exploits

Tired of questing to max your level? Wonder if there is a way around to make more gold? Got entire guild to wipe again? Let us take those troubles away. Don't let the game leave you behind. Join Strategy Freaks now and bring our World of Warcraft exploits into play. Be it new ways to level up, tricky approaches to make more gold or dirty PvP tricks, we have them all. Stop wasting time on inefficient approaches and start reaping benefits from our WoW exploits.

Strategy Freaks employs full time staff to keep our listing of World of Warcraft exploits updated by moderating reports, monitoring patches and actual exploit testing. You can also discuss your findings with other members and our WoW experts too. Just imagine how much fun you can have from such a low price subscription.

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